The first time I saw him, I said ‘I’m going to marry this boy’


‘I will marry this boy’

Player Selahattin Pasalilong lived together Lara Tumer He married in April. Tümer from the couple, who got their daughter Pera in July, answered questions from her followers.

Tumer, who made a question and answer on his Instagram account, said, “How did you meet your wife?” also answered the question. It turned out that the duo, who had a long love process, studied together.

Lara Tümer acquaintance process; “It was 2014 or 2015, I was studying acting. Selahattin and I were in the same class for a while. The moment I saw Selahattin, I was finished! That’s when I said ‘I’m going to marry this boy'”.



Some are still in progress, some have ended, but they lived their love in front of their eyes. So how did they meet? Here are the interesting dating stories of celebrities…

Burcu Esmersoy told for the first time: I shouldn’t sleep next to you, I snore…

Burcu Esmersoy told the story of meeting her fiancé Nazım Akmandil, for whom she was preparing for marriage.

“One morning, as we were flying to Berlin on an 8.15 plane, we sat on an empty plane 2A and 2B. We sat side by side on the empty plane! I sleep before the plane takes off, I always sleep because I work at an exhausting pace. I am a person who can sleep upright, what a nice kid. “I don’t want to sleep next to him, so now I’m snoring.”

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy


Sercan Yıldırım told the story of meeting his wife Nihan Yönel in the program where he was a guest:

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy


“My brother’s friend had opened a cafe. I saw him getting out of his car when we went there. I was impressed by his aura. I took a photo of it without revealing it and sent it to the owner. He said, ‘My primary school friend, I am a distant relative’. I said, ‘I want to get married whether you are related or not.’ We decided to get married”


Social media phenomenon Duygu Özarslan talked about how she met her basketball player lover Can Maxim Mutaf on her YouTube channel:

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

“We met in an arranged manner. A mutual friend said, ‘There is someone, he likes you very much’. I didn’t care because I had zero expectations. I said, ‘It’s either ugly or stupid. Then one evening he texted me. We met the next day and became lovers.”



Canan Karatay, who participated in the “Good Idea with Pelin Çift’le” program broadcast on TRT1, declared love to her husband in the live broadcast.

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

Karatay said, “I miss my wife even when she is with her, our mothers introduced us.”


The year is 1994… Mehmet Aslantuğ made a phone call to Arzum Onan and offered a job. When Onan accepted this, they met the next day.

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

Aslantuğ proposed to Onan two days after they met. The couple has never left each other alone in good or bad times since that day.



It is also interesting that Yasemin Özilhan and her husband met. The beautiful actress of a period told her meeting stories as follows:

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

“İzzet lived in Moscow for his business for a while. The company gave him a small flat in his lodging. He also had a small TV and he was watching my TV series ‘Love Game’, which was aired in 3-4 episodes. With ants and ants… He saw me and liked me. He asked around. “How can I reach him,” he said, no mutual acquaintances appeared. When the series got up, I joined the staff of ‘Doctors’. İzzet also comes to Istanbul on his day off. While watching TV, his father says, ‘Look, son, this ‘Doctors’ series is being shot in our hospital.’ Izzet looks at me and sees me. He says, ‘I was looking for this girl too.’ His older sister Türkan is the general manager of the hospital. The next day, İzzet comes to the hospital and we meet.”

‘My mind is blown’


Let’s come to the story of another famous couple in Turkey. Kenan Doğulu explained how he met Beren Saat in a program he attended:

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

“We met at a New Year’s Eve dinner at my house. Thanks to a mutual friend… It was an unplanned meeting. It’s impossible not to dislike Beren. It’s a world stance that gets you excited whether you know him or not. But I didn’t have that in mind. Of course It’s different after you get to know…”
Doğulu also expressed how he felt after meeting his wife with the following sentences: “The moment I met Beren, my ‘love system’ completely collapsed, my lines were locked. My mind was blown!”


Pınar Altuğ and Yağmur Atacan met on the set of the TV series and their love magazine fell on the agenda like a bomb.

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

The two fell in love with each other on the set of the First Love series, in which they acted together. The couple got married in 2008.


She met Sedef Avcı and her husband, model Kıvanç Kasabalı, who participated in the Miss Turkey beauty pageant in 2001.

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

But they didn’t make the decision to marry right away. The couple got married in 2005 after 4 years of togetherness.


He met Tolga Çevik and his wife Özge at a friend’s place.

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

The day they met, they sat at the same table and had a long conversation. According to the famous actor, they decided to get married only half an hour later. Tolga Çevik explained this situation in an interview by saying, “It feels like that.” Çevik and Özge Çevik, the brother of Cem Yılmaz, got married in 2004. The couple, who used to talk to each other about “your houses” while they were dating, now has two children.


And a “wine-like” love story: The protagonists of this story are Hülya Koçyiğit and Selim Soydan.
Hülya Koçyiğit, one of Yeşilçam’s four-leaf clovers, and her husband Selim Soydan have been married since July 5, 1968. So for exactly 54 years…

The first time I saw him, I said I'm going to marry this boy

When Selim Soydan met Koçyiğit, one of the youngest and most beautiful women of Yeşilçam at that time, in Büyükada, where he went for team camp, his heart began to beat rapidly. It hasn’t slowed down again! As a result of a close follow-up, he persuaded Koçyiğit, who did not even think of the ‘e’ of marriage, to sit at the wedding table. ‘May your mother be my mother, let your brothers be my brothers. Come, Hülya said, ‘Let’s build our home… The couple; He got married on July 5, 1968. The wedding was so crowded that even they showed up in front of the wedding officer exactly one hour late. On a hot, sticky day, even in that crowd, his eyes and hands did not lose each other. And that day, they promised to be together for life once in front of their witnesses…


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