The first coins with the portrait of Charles III, King of England, were minted

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the first coins with the portrait of King Charles III of England, who ascended the throne, were prepared.

Coins featuring the portrait of the new king are expected to circulate within a few weeks, the BBC reported.

The first 50 pence coins were minted from coins using the portrait of British sculptor Martin Jennings.

On the coins, unlike Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles was uncrowned like the other kings of England.

The British Mint reports that from next week the 50pence will go on sale to collectors and will be available for general use before the end of the year.

Coins with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II will not be withdrawn from circulation; It is stated that it will continue to be used with new coins.

It was noted that the portrait of Charles will be struck on all coins from 1 pence to 2 pounds from the beginning of next year.


Queen Elizabeth II of England died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where she spent her summer vacation.

Buckingham Palace announced on the same day after Queen Elizabeth’s death that Charles became the “King of England” by acceding to the throne.

The Queen’s 73-year-old son, Charles, became the new king of the country on Saturday, September 10, at St. It was officially announced at a ceremony held in the James Palace.

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