‘The final season has finally arrived’

After the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the first group meeting of the IYI Party was held. IYI Party Chairman Akşener reacted to inflation and social media regulation. Regarding the social media regulation, he said, “To put our rights and freedoms in shackles. In other words, disinformation is an excuse, the tyranny is wonderful…”

Highlights from Akşener’s speech are as follows:

Loyalty, resentment, gas, there is only loyalty, first to God and then to our nation. The issue of merit is our sensitive point. Transparency is the institutionalized area of ​​our party. Therefore, the political party that all our friends who take steps to comply with these principles will be the happiest is the IYI Party.

The final season of a seedy extended 20-season series has finally arrived. Don’t worry, it’s this year. The dawn of the good is now on the horizon, rest assured it’s very close.


We are eagerly awaiting the stance of Mr. Erdogan, who intends to enter with Putin’s support, in the face of this serious threat. We hope that this attitude, as he vaguely expressed for Crimea in the television broadcast of the past days; It may go beyond saying “This step you have taken is not correct”. Because the main task of the state; It is to be able to create a balance against all balances within the framework of their own interests. The state cannot be governed by seeking to endorse foreign policy to domestic politics and by pursuing election calculations. The Turkish Nation, like never before in its history;

Today too; It is not a material of perception that will be backed up next to Russian imperialism, it cannot be! And it will never happen. Mr. Erdogan; We have not forgotten any of them. So listen to me very carefully now. These folks had to stare at that monument of shame for years. How long do you know? Until a stubborn and noble spirit, Mahmut Şevket Pasha, took action to make our national cause successful. Until the big-hearted Bahri Lieutenant, despite all the obstacles he faced, destroyed that monument of shame in the presence of the beloved Turkish Nation.

As for why I told you this; we are on the verge of shame again today because of you. That day; The shackles of our nation’s dignity with the Ayestefanos monument are today; It is reviving with the natural gas debt that you are trying to postpone to 2024. That day; Those who think that the noble sons of this country can be subjugated, today; With your admiration for Putin and your incompetent understanding of administration, which you have turned into a state policy, he finds courage again.


You know, Mr. Erdogan, last February; He was saying, “We will bring inflation under control with the summer months”… Summer has come and gone, and now winter is at the door. Is inflation under control? Couldn’t get it. He looked, it doesn’t work, this time too; “After the New Year, I believe inflation will come down.” said. Beware, he can no longer make promises; Probably because he himself has experienced an epistemological break, he simply “believes”… In this seasonal cycle of patience, which is postponed from winter to summer, from summer to winter; What happens, of course, happens to our nation again.

It has been 10 months since the government’s fantastic economy model; in the first 8 months of the year; While exports increased by only 18 percent, imports increased by 41 percent and the foreign trade deficit increased by 146 percent, a record.

Let’s talk about the exchange rate and inflation. The dollar exchange rate, which was 8.8 liras at the end of September 2021, has exceeded 18 and a half liras today. So, our money lost half its value in 1 year. Moreover, this year, 75 billion dollars was added to the Central Bank’s lost 128 billion dollars. Thus, the amount of foreign exchange that should have been in our reserves, but for some reason could not, rose to $203 billion.


Would you laugh or cry?… The average wage in Germany is 75 thousand liras with our money. In other words, a German citizen receives an average of 75 thousand lira per month. In other words, Mr. Erdogan actually says; Turkish citizens who work for 5500 liras a month are in a good mood. But the German citizen, who earns 75 thousand liras a month, is in a difficult situation… Do you remember what the late Münir Özkul said to Şener Şen in Joyful Days? “Small horse Ziyaaaa…”

Small horse Mr. Erdogan, small horse! You cannot cover up poverty, which is your own work, with lies. You can’t save the day with your exaggerated good news that you give with a spoon and take back with a ladle. You cannot solve the nation’s problems with empty promises. You cannot cover the sun of truth with the mud of bravery. Don’t bother at all.


Dear colleagues, And of course, there is the Nabataean Minister, the apple of the government’s eye… When the palace bureaucracy competes with nonsense, will the sparkling eyes ever fall behind? He too, to describe the so-called economy model, which they cannot get enough of; almost like children trying to use all the newly learned words in the same sentence; “The heterodox approach represents an epistemological break from neo-liberal economic thought,” he said. He added to the end: “Today, it is gaining more importance with behavioral economics and neuro-economics that come to the fore…” Let me translate for you: Master, with this exemplary sentence that will go down in our political history, actually says; “We are disconnected from knowledge and science. We also reject all economic methods applied in the world. Let us no longer be judged by economists, but by neurologists and behavioral scientists.”


So why are you working so hard? Get out, brave; “This is how we run the economy. Say, “Because that’s what Mr Erdogan wants.” Quit; “We don’t know anything. Born into Mr. Erdogan; That’s how inflation would go down.” say. Quit; “Mr. Crisis, he dreamed, that’s how the economy would improve.” say. Why do you try to hide what Allah knows from the servant? Come out honestly, tell the truth. Do not tire our suffering nation any more with your absurd statements, and do not embarrass yourself any more. It is shameful. From here

I want to call out to Mr. Erdogan: Are you going to cover up the fact that you have ruined the economy, the fact that you have impoverished our nation, with bullshit lies? Are you going to cover up the fact that you feed the people’s money to your supporters, the fact that you give 5-10-15 salaries to the worthless people, the fact that you emptied even the Central Bank’s safe, by taking refuge in the dictionaries?


You know, as of October 1, the Social Media Law, which was enacted by the government under the name of “fighting disinformation”, came into effect. At the beginning of the new legislative year, the first regulation on the Parliament’s agenda was a masterpiece of monstrosity, even by the high standards of power. The subject we are most curious about is how the law will work… Who will distinguish the lie? How will the truth be known? Which agency will monitor the disinformation? None of them are clear… For example, their lies; Will RTÜK, which works like a sub-unit of the pool media, distinguish? For example, the truth; In the face of the inflation figure announced by ENAG as 186 percent, will TURKSTAT know about the inflation rate of 83.45 percent, barely persuading even its own employees? For example, this famous disinformation; Lord of trolls, prince of slander, guardian of perceptions, will the Directorate of Communications oversee? For example; Facebook will go away, disinformation-free, “AKbook” will come? Twitter will go away, will it be replaced by “Palace Bird”? YouTube will be gone, replaced by “PersonalTube”? As always, the government is playing a trickster game.

The acrobat here is the Social Media Act. The game is to shackle our rights and freedoms. In other words, disinformation is an excuse, the tyranny is magnificent…