The famous singer died young: he was not at all ready to leave this world

Indeed, he did as he was told and resisted. But at some point it ran out of power. In September of 2021, almost a year after he announced that he had the disease, his mother announced the sad news. The famous singer, who could not even see the age of 40, passed away. His fans, followers, of course, most of all, his family and relatives were in great mourning. But the famous singer, who apparently died at a young age, left indelible traces in his close friends with whom he often met before he passed away. Before leaving this world, he told them how precious life is, that even one minute of life is not guaranteed in this world, so that every moment should be enjoyed. And his friends seem to appreciate the legacy he left behind…

WRITTEN A BOOK WHILE FIGHTING WITH THE DISEASE: Sarah Harding wrote a book while battling the disease.

This famous singer we are talking about is Sarah Harding, who became famous with the music group Girls Aloud. Harding, who succumbed to a very aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 39, passed away in 2021. But until then, she wrote a book even while struggling with her illness and left a mark of herself in this world. On the other hand, Harding’s mark is not just that book. She also taught a lesson to her friends, with whom she once shared the same stage, that they will remember for the rest of their lives. That’s what Sarah Harding’s bandmate Cheryl Cole told.

Giving an interview to the British Daily Mail newspaper, 39-year-old Cole said that after the death of his close friend at an early age, he learned that he should not take any moment of life lightly. He added that he has grown a little closer with his already-disbanded bandmates Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle and Kimberley Walsh.

The famous singer died young: he was not at all ready to leave this world

OUR CONVERSATIONS WITH HIM CHANGED MY LOOK AT LIFE: His bandmate had heartbreaking words about Sarah.

Cheryl Cole said: “We talked a lot before Sarah died. All of this gave me a different perspective on life. I’ll never forget that.” There was another heartbreaking phrase Cole said about his friend Sarah Harding, who passed away at a young age: “Sarah wasn’t ready to go yet.” Then Cole continued, “Okay.. I’m still here. I still have the gift life gave me, I’m alive.” Cole added that he will always think about the conversations he had with his friend as long as he lives.

The famous singer died young: he was not at all ready to leave this world

Cheryl ColeSarah Harding’s premature death, though now disbanded, has rekindled the bandmates with whom they once shared many things, as told by Sarah Harding. Cheryl Cole explained that they started to respect and love each other more after this loss. “We’ve always loved each other. But frankly, this is different. Now there is more depth to this love.”

Although there was a rapprochement between the members of Girls Aloud after Sarah Harding’s death, Cherly Cole added that going back to her old days, that is, reuniting, is not in her plans. “We never talked about reuniting the band after learning about Sarah’s illness, it would have brought us closer if Sarah left this world. But not in terms of music, but as a woman and as a friend. We didn’t talk anything about work during that time,” Cole said. She also added that without Sarah Harding it wouldn’t make much sense for the Girls Aloud group to reunite.

The famous singer died young: he was not at all ready to leave this world

ANNOUNCED FROM SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT: Harding announced the news of the disease on his own social media account.

Sarah Harding announced that she had breast cancer in a social media post in August 2020. Harding, who suddenly disappeared from social media in May of last year, later explained the reason for this. Sarah Harding announced in August 2020 that she was battling cancer. Harding started his Instagram post by saying, “Hello everyone. I hope everyone is safe in these uncertain times.” magazine Harding, who is at the top of the agenda of the press, thanked everyone who wondered about him because he has not been on social media for a long time, and said that it means a lot.

Sarah Harding also wrote that it was the right time to tell about this change in her life, continuing her message as follows: “I had breast cancer earlier this year. I received the devastating news a few weeks ago. The cancer is advanced and has spread to other parts of my body. Weekly chemotherapy is now available. “I’m going through the sessions. I’m fighting the disease as hard as I can.”

“I know it was shocking to read this news on social media. That was not my intention,” Harding wrote. The famous singer continued her message as follows: “But last week, the news that I was seen in the hospital spread. I thought it was time for people to find out what was going on.”

The famous singer died young: he was not at all ready to leave this world

HE WANTED TO TELL THE TRUE SARAH: Harding wrote a book about key turning points in her life during her battle with the disease.

In this way, Harding explained that he had the chance to thank his fans who were curious about him. “My wonderful mother, my family, my close friends help me,” said Sarah Harding. She then thanked the paramedics, doctors and nurses who took care of her at the hospital, stating that they were all “heroes”.

Harding wrote a book while battling the disease. The singer made the announcement of her book, which tells about the important turns of her life, again on social media. He stated that his aim is to tell the real Sarah Harding.” Stating that his real personality was lost in all the glitter of the show world, Harding emphasized that the only thing forgotten is that real Sarah, and ended his post by saying, “All I want from you is to listen to her.”

He wanted to enjoy the rest of his life: Harding, who previously explained that the disease had spread throughout his body, wrote in his book that he tried to “live and enjoy every moment of his life without calculating how much life is left.” The famous singer also stated that he does not focus much on the results of the treatment, and that his aim is to spend the rest of his life as painlessly and comfortably as possible. Harding also included the following lines in his book: “I’m in a phase where I don’t know how many months I have left. Who knows, maybe I’ll surprise everyone. But that’s how I look at things right now.”

The famous singer died young: he was not at all ready to leave this world

HOT NEWS MOTHER ANNOUNCED: In September 2021, his mother announced the news of Harding’s death.

Known for her music group Girls Aloud, of which she was a member for a period, Harding’s mother, Marie Hardman, announced on social media that she had lost the war. Marie Hardman, who used her daughter Sarah’s social media account to deliver this sad news, said: “It is with deep sadness that I share the news that my beautiful daughter Sarah passed away today. I want to thank everyone for their support over the past year. It meant the world to Sarah, and knowing she was loved gave her great strength and comfort. I know you wouldn’t want to be remembered for his fight against this terrible disease. He was a star and I hope he can be remembered for that instead of his illness,” she wrote.

The famous singer died young: he was not at all ready to leave this world


Sarah HardingFriends of ‘s Girl Aloud group also expressed their sadness for the singer who died at a young age on their social media pages. “I am absolutely devastated and cannot accept that this day has come. My heart aches and all the things we did together all day went through my mind,” wrote bandmate Nicola Roberts in a message. “A part of me, or a part of us, is no longer here. And it’s painful, extremely cruel,” Roberts continued.

Girls Aloud Nadine Coyle, another member of the group, also expressed her sadness in her social media sharing and wrote, “I can’t find the words to express myself about this girl and what she means to me. I know many of you feel that way too.”