The famous name shared a photo of his adolescence years

The famous comedian, who was remembered with the character of Sertaç in the phenomenon comedy series “European Side”, also became famous with his ability to imitate.

The artist, who always aims to make her fans laugh, this time surprised her fans by sharing a photo of her adolescence.

Those who saw the very thick hair of Yavuz Seçkin, who shared his photo with the note “We were good” on his own Instagram account, could not hide their astonishment.


Yavuz Seçkin was born on January 2, 1969 in Istanbul. Seçkin spent his education life in Istanbul. Seçkin, who ran a gift shop in Istanbul Gültepe until the age of 27 before starting his radio and TV career, said that he took photographs and sold cassettes at that time.

Discovering his talent for imitation at the age of 28, he started broadcasting on a radio. Later, he made jokes to many celebrities by including telephone jokes in his program.

Seçkin stepped into the world of television with the TV series Avrupa Yakası. He took part in the European Side TV series with the role of ‘Sertac’. He was also doing the comedy show “Co-media”. Seçkin then continued to work in the television world. Seçkin also prepares and presents a radio program.


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