The famous actress was abused as a child and even changed her name: That monster ruined my life

These words belong to a famous actress who was abused as a child years ago. In the world of show, the number of celebrities who admitted to being abused and suffering years later is not few. Especially after the emergence of the #metoo movement, confessions are coming one after another. But this time the situation is a little different than before. Because the famous actress, who said that she was abused as a small child, is now a 42-year-old adult. There is another reason why he opened this dark page about his past. To ensure that justice is served. Moreover, to do this not only for himself, but also for others who have had similar experiences.

INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR CHANGE, HE WILL CHANGE: Madeleine West, who never forgot her bad experience, took a different step with an ex-detective.

Australian actress Madeline West, who made a name for herself with a TV series she starred in years ago, confessed after some time that she was abused as a child. But apparently she has already closed that notebook now. Or it would be more correct to say that he opened a new and clean page in the notebook. She even says that the harassment she suffered years ago contributed to this issue. In his own words, he is even happy to be the victim of such a terrible event years ago. Because from now on, those who behave this way to little children will feel Madeleine West’s breath on their necks. In his own words, instead of waiting for something to change, he will act to do it himself.

The famous actress was abused as a child and even changed her name: That monster ruined my life

The famous actress will discuss the issue of child abuse in her podcast broadcast, which she will prepare with retired detective Jubelin.

Because the famous actor is preparing a podcast called Pretadory with retired detective Gary Jubelin, who is experienced in these matters. His aim is to support his fellow victims of abuse and even to deliver those who perpetrate it into the hands of justice. The subject that the duo will focus on is the abuse of children. Let’s take a look at Madeleine West’s story…

The famous actress was abused as a child and even changed her name: That monster ruined my life

HE LIVED IN THE SAME TOWN: Madeleine West said that the man who abused her as a child lived in the same town as them.

One of the most loved and longest-running TV series in Australia. neighbors Madeleine West, known for her work, revealed years ago that she was abused by a man living in the same town as a child. “That monster destroyed my life,” West said of his horrific experience. I’m happy for you.”

Madeleine West, like herself, stating that justice can always be served abuse to his victims, he said: “This will never, ever be your fault. You will never be blamed.” The beautiful actress said that she is now seeking justice, and this time directed her words to the harassers: “Those who harassed someone in any way, your time is up. The wheel is turning.”

From now on, Madeleine West will take a completely different step instead of just talking about it. In his podcast, which he prepared with retired detective Gary Jubelin, he will do his best to bring justice to reality by discussing people who have had similar bad experiences and these events.

The famous actress was abused as a child and even changed her name: That monster ruined my life

She even changed her name: Madeleine West stated in her social media page that she even changed her name because of this terrible experience.

West also shared a post on his Instagram page. Using a childhood photo and her real name, Melanie Ann Weston, she wrote: “I was born Melanie Ann. I hated her for most of my life. I blamed her for some despicable things that happened to her when she was little. Little Melanie said it was her fault.” And I believed her. I escaped Melanie as fast and strong as I could. I even changed her name.” In this last sentence, the famous star points out that she changed her real name to Melanie Ann Weston and used the name Madeleine West in her career. His experiences as a child affected him so much that he even changed his name to escape from the realities of his life.

The famous actress was abused as a child and even changed her name: That monster ruined my life

NOT READY TO TELL: The actor has talked so much about his trauma. He stated that he is not yet ready to fully share his story.

The actor added that he was not ready yet to tell his whole story in his sharing. Then he wrote: “But justice will be done,” he spoke of the program he would prepare with former detective Jubelin. Madeleine West, a mother of six, said the show will also give parents some tips on how to stop displaying harmful behavior towards children.

WE ARE DUEING OURSELVES WITH WRONG PERCEPTION: Madeleine West, who had a very difficult experience at a young age, touched on this issue in an interview she gave to the Herald Sun newspaper and made some really impressive words. West said that people who abuse children are often family friends who are not expected to do so. The beautiful actress said, “We are deceiving ourselves with the perception that pedophiles are strange people and are not around us. But they sneak into our lives.”

The famous actress was abused as a child and even changed her name: That monster ruined my life

Madeleine WestHe did not hide that he took the necessary measures to ensure that his six children did not experience similar experiences. He added that he never left his children’s side while going to the park, even there. He also said that he does not send his children alone to birthday parties of his peers.