The famous actress committed suicide at the age of 27. It turns out that Yoo Ju Eun left a letter before her suicide

South Korea was shaken by the shock of suicide. One of the most popular actors in Korean dramas Yoo Ju EunHe ended his life by committing suicide at the age of 27.

It was learned that Eun left behind a suicide note for her family and fans.

The actress, who gained great fame with the K-Drama Big Forest in 2018, also took part in productions such as Never Twice, Joseon Survival Period.

The note left by the player, whose reason for suicide was not disclosed, was shared on Instagram.

Here is the heartbreaking note:

“I’m sorry to let everyone go. Especially my mom, dad, grandma and brother. My mind is screaming that I don’t want to live anymore. You may feel emptiness without me, but please stay strong. I’ll be watching you. Please don’t cry, it’s not good for your health.

I’m not upset at all, I’m actually very calm. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve lived a happier life than I deserve. I’m happy with that and that’s enough. So please don’t blame anyone and move on. I can see many people’s future at my funeral.

I just wanted to act, maybe acting was my everything or just a part of me. But maintaining that life was not easy. It was devastating. I realized that dreaming is both a blessing and a curse. I believe that God will not send me to hell. He will listen to me and take care of me. So please don’t worry.

My family, friends and fans… Thank you for loving me. I think I have lived a successful life because I have accumulated unforgettable memories. Thank you for understanding and putting up with me. I’m sorry I can’t write more. I hope you understand me.

I would like to thank everyone who knew me, especially my teachers, I respected all of you. You taught me a lot about life. Mom, dad, I love you so much. Please don’t cry, I beg you.”

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