The expected feature is coming to Instagram ‘stories’

Popular social media platform Instagram is going for a handy change for ‘stories’. According to the statement from the company, the duration of stories that are 15 seconds long will now be extended to 60 seconds.

This will both allow digital creators to upload fewer stories and viewers to see fewer stories.


According to the news of ShiftDelete; Instagram announced a while ago that it has started working on increasing the maximum duration of stories. In fact, this feature tested in users in Turkey, “Meet longer stories” opened with the slogan.

The last change Meta has approved will allow story loading for up to 60 seconds.

Making a statement on the subject, Meta spokesperson stated that they are working on ways to improve the story experience on Instagram. According to the spokesperson’s statement, videos can now be played up to 60 seconds instead of being automatically converted to 15-second clips.

This change in story time has been expected by users for a long time. The 15-second restriction was causing social media influencers to upload dozens of stories every day. The viewers, on the other hand, had to constantly switch to the new story.


The popular social media platform has made critical changes to video recently. For example, the 60-second video limit for Reels has been increased to 90 seconds. Also, videos shorter than 15 minutes are automatically converted to Reels.

Stories aren’t the only thing Instagram is getting expansion for. The company will make it possible to reshare posts, which will be similar to the Retweet feature on Twitter.