The EU must become more sovereign, less dependent on others

“The EU should become more sovereign, less dependent”

Scholz held a joint press conference with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who attended the Council of Ministers held in Meseberg, Brandenburg province, as a guest.

In the Council of Ministers, as envisaged in the coalition protocol Germany Stating that the national security strategy to be prepared for the Russian Federation was discussed and Sanchez expressed his thoughts on this subject, Scholz stated that this process became more important with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Pointing out that Spain developed its national security strategy at the end of last year, Scholz said, “The EU should become more sovereign and less dependent on others. We need unity inside and determination outside.” said.

Stating that the issue of security is very comprehensive and includes issues such as energy and raw material security, the protection of the social market economy and democracy, Scholz noted that the discussions on the national security strategy in Germany have just begun, and that the structural and organizational topics will be discussed later.

Scholz stated that, considering the fullness of the gas tanks in Germany, they are in a better condition today compared to the previous months, and that they will continue to take measures to get through this and the next winter.

German Chancellor Scholz emphasized that how to prevent overpricing in the energy market should also be addressed.

Evaluating the possibility of building a pipeline between Spain and France in order to supply gas to Central Europe, Scholz stated that it is important to expand electricity, gas and hydrogen networks in Europe in order to be independent from Russia.

Stating that Spain and Portugal, which are solar-rich countries, can produce more energy than they will use, and export it, Scholz said, “The big task here is to create a European network for all energy sources.” said.

Underlining that the national security strategy in his country was renewed at the end of last year, Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez said that this strategy has become more necessary due to the war launched by Russia against Ukraine.

Pointing out that the war had an impact on the economy, rising prices and energy supply, Sanchez said, “We want the burden of this war to be shared fairly. Europe responded in unity and solidarity. I think it is the right way. Germany and Spain will cooperate.” he said.

Sanchez stated that if Spain and Portugal are connected to the European gas network, Spain can meet 30 percent of the EU’s liquefied gas needs, but this is not possible due to the presence of the pipeline.

Stating that Spain is ready to show solidarity, Sanchez noted that if this is not possible through France, a pipeline connection can be established through Italy.

* The image of the news is provided by the Associated Press.

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