The era of oil and natural gas is coming to an end! Turkey success: worth 300 million dollars

RHG EnerTrk Energy, which has made a name for itself with its investments in the renewable energy world, held the 2023 strategy meeting with the participation of all fields. RHG EnerTrk Energy General Manager Alpay Beyla stated that they have invested approximately 300 million dollars and they have signed projects that will minimize the dependence on petroleum derivatives and fossil fuels, and said that their target is to reach 1200 MW installed power in the medium term.


According to the RHG EnerTrk statement, RHG EnerTrk Energy, with a total installed capacity of 534MW with 13 different WPP, HEPP and SPP power plants established across Turkey, and aiming to reach 1200 MW in the upcoming period, came together with all its fields for the evaluation of the year 2022 and its 2023 strategies.

In the statement, RHG EnerTrk Energy General Manager Alpay Beyla, whose evaluation of the investments and projects realized by RHG EnerTrk Energy in 2022 at the bottom of the meeting is included, said, “Capacity increased by over 270 MW in the last 4 years, an investment amount of approximately 300 million dollars, a total of 534 With our installed capacity of MW and our target of reaching 1200 MW installed capacity in the medium term, we are working day and night to become the most valuable brand of our group and the sector in which we operate.” used the expressions


Referring to the electric vehicle charging station investment made in 2022, Beyla said, “We aim to reduce emissions of approximately 700 thousand tons per year by minimizing the dependence on petroleum derivatives and fossil fuels, by undertaking environmentally friendly and highly efficient projects at every stage of our production in the field of renewable energy.

Our company, which produces charging solutions for the needs of the electric vehicle industry, which reaches 10 million units per year in the world market and continues to increase rapidly, is among the first companies to obtain an electric vehicle charging station operating license, offering its users comfortable, fast and reliable charging opportunities.” .


Beyla stated that works are also carried out in the existing group companies to minimize energy costs, and stated that they aim to meet the energy needs of the companies within the body of Erciyes Anadolu Holding with factory horse panel works aimed at meeting my consumption in this field.

RHG EnerTrk Energy 2023 Strategy Meeting, attended by the officials of hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants located in ten different provinces across Turkey, continued with the presentations and evaluations of the participants.