The energy crisis is deepening… Here is Germany’s last resort!

Created Date: Oct 05, 2022 12:46

As Europe prepared for the harshest winter of the last period after the Ukraine war and Russia’s use of natural gas as a weapon, a remarkable statement came from Germany. In Germany, where saving measures are on the agenda, ‘last resort’ has been announced.


Russiastarted with the war against Ukraine Energy Crisis It continues to affect Europe deeply.

One of the countries most affected by the energy crisis Germany While calling for savings, it is also looking for an alternative energy source.

It seems that Germany, which has made a series of initiatives in this context, has not yet gotten what it wants. Because the new statement from the country will increase the tension within the EU.


Hendrik Neumann, CTO of Germany’s largest network operating company Amprion, has announced Germany’s ‘last resort’.

Speaking to the Financial Times (FT), Neumann announced that Germany could cut its electricity exports to the rest of Europe.

Neumann told the newspaper that Germany is preparing plans for temporary cuts in energy exports as a ‘last resort’ in order to avoid electricity supply bottlenecks in case of an increase in domestic energy demand.


Klaus Müller, Chairman of the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA), the agency that regulates the energy market in Germany, announced that if Russia cuts off its gas supply completely, the gas storage facilities in the country can meet the demand for a maximum of 2.5 months.

The US-based economy magazine presented this development to its readers with the headline ‘Germany plans to cut electricity exports to the rest of Europe’.

According to data from think tank Fraunhofer ISE, France imported 6,000 GWh of electricity from Germany in the January-March period of this year.

This corresponds to 5% of Germany’s total electricity production during this period.

Experts warn that if Germany takes a step in this direction, it may cause discussions within the EU.

Recently, German Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habeck announced that the country could remain without natural gas.

Expressing his concern about the impending energy crisis this winter, Habeck said in a statement to the German media that the situation was extremely tense.

The German minister gave the following statements in an interview with Deutschlandfunk Radio;

‘If we don’t save, if households don’t reduce consumption, we still risk not having enough gas in the winter.’