The dreams of splitting the ‘nation’ front turn into another spring.

“People” It becomes increasingly difficult to be successful, as a result, if the tactics of creating chaos in order to divide the front from the inside, the benefits of advocacy increase, even if the rewards are high.

I don’t know, maybe we have made it a habit to read the languages ​​of faces, bodies and voices with the habit of journalism we do. When I listen to people whose names I can’t remember speak from afar without looking at the screen, I can grasp who they are through their tones and defenders, and I can’t help expressing my vocal reactions. Sometimes I try to test myself with the subtitles in order to poll myself.

As a result, I can easily capture in their images the evidence of how the spokespersons of the enthusiastic partisanship in the past, in the integrity of their highest hierarchy, are struggling to carry out their duties, which they obviously have no right to relinquish. Do you ever notice how rapidly the facial lines deteriorate, especially for those who appear on screens every day? His smiling, cute, luminous, uplifting images are gone. Too early, much older than her age, the inevitability of her sullen images is not the only consequence.

For example, even those who are very young and have very beautiful physiques cannot smile in their eyes. How evasive do they have to go in order to still appear in a cute line? In particular, it is becoming more and more observable that those whose professional origins are dependent on the right to law, to form public opinion and to remain independent, struggle so hard to appear on the side of the right. Believe it or not, the veins of my pity swell to the slurs of those I’ve known for years, and those whose mastery I have witnessed, even if our opinions are contrary.

I want to believe that they are now carrying out their obligatory duties, not for the sake of money or material interests, but because they cannot return. After all, even if there are elections, even if this is over, I would like to think that they made a special effort not to be ashamed of what they did afterwards and shifted to a more right-wing style. Well at least “I wish this torture would end as soon as possible, before the elections get in our way.” Do we share a common feeling like? Or am I being too Polyannaistic, what do you think?


Even though I try not to share in the newspapers, especially on the news in our newspaper, it is inevitable to share some examples because the lies and red flags do not end. The President of Religious Affairs, in his statement staring us in the eye, preferred embarrassment because it would not be possible to impose the penalty of dismissal in exchange for the obvious crime of his employee. “Diyanet has no ties” makes the statement. Whether in live television broadcasts, internet journalism, or in the pages of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, in Karaman, “From the Hafiz Ceremony” Photographs taken with the students, the action of the tasks they took part in, and the photos of them arm in arm appear before us as evidence.

“People” I must underline that I am personally more than happy for the weekend meeting of the front. I hope that you do not have a prejudice, as I have a reason to be glad that the doomsday did not arise. My joy is from continuous broadcasts, “People” over the possibility that the crack of the facade will fall from the agenda of the discussion a little. We passed out because we had to look for a decent piece of music or a movie because we had reached the point where we couldn’t listen to more.

Although, with the very, very large majority, the pro-advertisements, through the pro-channels, are as many days as we can count. Erdogan The obligation to listen to the explanations does not change. It is now very much debatable how much it will work with that much spending. Even if they have a heart, they can make some explanations, albeit from the tip, about the contradiction between their cost and the exponential increase in the expenditures made with the money taken from us. The folding, jaw-dropping numbers in their profligacy coming out of our pockets are now completely censored..