The demand for a raise that will make the tenants nervous. The hosts flew

Recently, there have been crises, problems and disagreements between the landlord and the tenant due to the exorbitant rent increase. Sometimes landlords and sometimes tenants go to court to solve these problems.

According to the information obtained, landlords can file an eviction lawsuit or a rent determination lawsuit. But this year, the numbers requested by the hosts are breaking records. The landlord is suing for his tenant, who has completed 5 years with a rent determination lawsuit, thinking that the legal raise rate is insufficient. With this lawsuit of the landlord, the rent rate is re-determined.

Landlords or landlords have often asked for a 50-100 percent raise in past years. In other words, he would like the rent, which is 7 thousand liras, to be 10 or 12 thousand liras.


At the moment, the desired figures have reached a record level, due to reasons such as the economic crisis and inflation. In other words, the requested increase rate reaches 300 percent. Thus, it is demanded that the rent, which was 5 thousand liras, did not increase to 15 thousand or 13 thousand liras.

However, the number requested by the host does not mean that it will be accepted. According to the information given by the experts, the expert looks at the region, looks at the house type and gives an average figure.

If the tenant has lived there for more than 10 years, 20 percent, 10 percent if the tenant has lived there less than 10 years.


Tenants who will renew their contract until July 1, 2023 can receive a maximum increase of 25 percent. Lawsuits have also increased after this limitation, which protects residential tenants. Those who do not accept the 25 percent rate or the higher rate suggested by the tenant, file a determination lawsuit if the tenant has exceeded 5 years.


After the high rates of rent increases, there was a rent migration in Istanbul. From the districts such as Beşiktaş, Maltepe and Üsküdar, where the increase has reached 100 percent, the migration movement has started towards the districts such as Arnavutköy, Sancaktepe, Beylikdüzü, and Esenyurt, where the rents are lower.

It is stated that the entry into force of the regulation limiting rent increases to 25 percent will reduce this mobility. Realtors said, “Our citizens call us every day to learn about the rental fees in our region. Rent increases in the city lead people to migrate to more reasonable settlements,” he said.


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