The decision that surprised everyone from Gerard Pique, who announced that he quit football!

The Spanish defender has made it clear that he cannot stay away from the green fields.

A surprise decision came from Gerard Pique, who announced that he quit football before the 2022 World Cup and said goodbye to FC Barcelona, ​​of which he is a legend, with a glorious jubilee.

The Spanish defender decided to return to the green fields.

What are the allegations?

According to Relevo, Pique was so tired of retiring after leaving Barcelona just before the World Cup break and decided to return to football with his Spanish club FC Andorra.

It has been reported that Pique, who broke up with Shakira in September, wants to give himself back to football.

But it was quite surprising that Pique got back into action so quickly after her emotional jubilee ceremony at the Camp Nou.

What did Gerard Pique say?

The experienced defender said goodbye to the fans in his last match with Barcelona:

“First of all, thank you. To all my colleagues, the staff, the people on the training ground, everyone who helps us make things easier every day.

“In life, as you get older you realize that sometimes to love is to go. So much love, such a passionate relationship… I think it’s time to take a break and I believe I’ll be here again in the future.

This is not goodbye. I was born here and will die here.”