The death toll in the boat disaster off the Syrian coast rose to 94

In the statement published in the Lebanese official agency NNA, the latest information shared by the Chairman of the Lebanese High Aid Committee, Major General Mohammed No, regarding the boat disaster on 22 September was included.

No, he stated that as part of the search and rescue efforts that have been going on since yesterday, 94 bodies have been found in the sea so far.

Referring to the number of survivors in the search and rescue efforts carried out by Syria, No, stated that a total of 19 people, 5 Lebanese, 2 Palestinians and 12 Syrians, are being treated at the hospital in Tartus.

No, he stated that the Lebanese and Palestinians in the hospital will be brought back to the country after their condition improves.

2 suspects were caught

In the statement made by the Basil Hospital Directorate in Tartus, Syria, it was announced that the number of people who died in the boat disaster reached 89.

In the statement made by the Lebanese army today, it was recorded that 2 suspects related to the incident in the boat disaster were caught.

The irregular migrant boat that set off from Tripoli in northern Lebanon on 22 September sank. It was stated that there were Syrians and Palestinians on the boat, as well as Lebanese.