The dealers lowered the prices before September 15: The car price dropped, but there are no buyers!

September 15 for vehicle traders 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers obligatory is coming. There are only a few days left before the regulation comes into effect. auto dealers He noted that vehicle prices have fallen. Dealers who took action to sell brand new cars ‘The decline will continue started to fail to sell with anticipation.


Some of the dealers stated that if they cannot sell the vehicles, they will travel 6 thousand kilometers. In the advertisements of some dealers who put new car advertisements on their sales sites, approximately A decrease of 100 thousand TL appeared to be. Despite this decrease, there was no demand from the citizens.


Speaking on the subject, Esat Aydın, the owner of the auto gallery, said that they were trying to sell their brand new vehicles, but the market was stagnant. Saying that they do not have the luxury of not selling the vehicles after September 15, Aydın stated that they will continue to sell in accordance with the law. Arguing that the application should be done while leaving the dealership, Aydın said, “Because individuals can buy and sell this vehicle. We supply these vehicles from individuals, dealers do not sell them to us anyway. Unless this law is brought to individuals This event will continue. We have reduced the prices by 100 thousand lira at the moment, but there is no demand,” he said.

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