The crisis is growing in the USA… New York’s Turkish-friendly Mayor Eric Adams to Biden: Nobody is coordinating!

Created Date: January 17, 2023 14:10

He speaks the words of Eric Adams, Mayor of New York, USA. Adams, who made a statement like a confession about the latest situation in the city, named the crisis.

The agenda in the USA is the words of New York’s Mayor Eric Adams, the heart of the country’s commerce.

known as Turkish friend Eric Adams He made statements such as a confession about the latest situation in the city and compared the city to a ‘breaking point’.

Stating that an average of 400 asylum seekers come to New York every day, Adams cut the bill to US President Biden.


According to the news in the New York Post, Adams stated that the southern border of the USA is in crisis. Adams summed up the events as a ‘disaster’

The newspaper wrote that Adams, who said “No one is coordinating this national effort”, targeted Biden’s immigration policy.

Adams did not answer the question of whether he would like to meet with the 80-year-old Biden.

Adams also announced that he will attend the US Conference of Mayors this week and will travel to the capital, Washington, DC, to develop a ‘real strategy’.


Reminding that they requested $1 billion in aid to cope with the migrant crisis, Adams underlined that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has not yet taken a step.

“FEMA needs to gain momentum,” Adams said. He criticized the agency with the words ‘This is their job’.

USA According to media reports, border state officials are helping many of these immigrants reach New York.

Adams, who was elected the city’s 110th mayor two years ago, took over the task from Bill de Blasio.

Adams, 63, came from a poor family of six children. new York He became the second black American to be elected mayor.