The crisis also hit the winter tire

It is obligatory to install winter tires on vehicles during the winter months, which is the season when traffic accidents are most common due to weather and road conditions. The obligation, which started on 1 December, will expire on 1 April 2023. Drivers of vehicles that do not comply with the rule will be fined 1152 liras. The penalty for not wearing winter tires since the beginning of the year will increase by 123 percent with the increase in the re-evaluation rate and will be 2 thousand 568 TL.

The price of winter tires has increased almost twice compared to last year. An average tire sold at 1320 TL last year is 2,600 TL this year. A driver who buys winter tires for all four wheels of his vehicle has to pay a fee of 10 thousand liras for this.

Omer Gul, the repair and maintenance service master, states that the citizen could not buy winter tires due to financial insufficiency. Rose, “Winter tires are vital when the weather goes below minus, so citizens have to wear winter tires. However, you can’t buy tires because they are expensive. There is a decrease in applications to auto maintenance services this year. Fewer customers are coming. Accidents happen when tires are not fitted. Citizens should definitely wear winter tires. says.


Auto repair and maintenance service master Muhammet Ali Gök said that demand for winter tires is low this year due to financial insufficiencies. “Winter tires are a necessity, but citizens cannot afford them. This situation also invites accidents.” says. Gök also draws attention to the fact that when buying winter tires, attention should be paid to whether the tire is the right size and the brand of the tire. Saying that the winter maintenance of the vehicles must also be done, Gök said, “In winter maintenance, antifreeze should be used to prevent the water in the radiator system from freezing. Within the scope of winter maintenance, tire pressures, the amount of antifreeze in the radiator, oil and water should be checked. It also gives warnings.