The button has been pressed for 100 percent conversion! Fossil fuel becomes history: Officially submitted for approval

In a statement made by the company, it was stated that the project to transform the Ravenswood Generating Station, the city’s largest fossil fuel power plant in New York’s Long Island City area, into a renewable energy center with a combination of wind, geothermal energy and battery storage has been submitted for official approval.

Rise Light & Power argues that with the work carried out under the name of the “Queensboro Renewable Express” project, it can transmit at least 2 gigawatts of energy, which will be obtained from the Atlantic Ocean in a cost-effective and efficient way.

The project is also noted to have the ability to permanently replace the city’s 1960s fossil fuel generation capacity, protect its union workforce and power up to 2 million homes.

AA aerial footage of Ravenswood Generating Station, which creates the iconic image of Queens over the East River, with a drone.


It has been reported that the company has completed more than 410 kilometers of geophysical surveys around New York Harbor to determine a suitable location for laying high-voltage direct current cable laying under the ground and under the sea.

“We can leverage our existing infrastructure and offshore location to deliver a low-cost, low-risk offshore wind transmission system,” said Clint Plummer, CEO of Rise Light & Power, for the Ravenswood plant, which is home to New York City’s largest power generator. used the phrase.

Plummer noted that they are excited to realize the renewable energy targets of New York City against global warming with the Queensboro Renewable Express project, which they have been working on for two years.

This iconic facility on New York’s East River with its four red and white chimneys, which has also been the subject of Hollywood movies, has been supplying at least 20 percent of the city’s energy needs for many years using natural gas and fuel oil.

Rise, Light & Power does not provide a figure for how much Ravenswood’s full transition to renewable energy will cost if their project is accepted.


It was noted that if the project is approved by the relevant authorities, the conversion of Ravenswood Generating Station to a 100 percent renewable energy center with a combination of offshore wind, geothermal energy and battery storage will greatly reduce environmental and air pollution and have a positive impact on the health of the people living around the facility.

It was stated that the residents living around this gigantic station, which became operational in 1963, have been complaining of air pollution for years, and that 145 out of every 10,000 children living in the region have asthma, which is very high compared to the data in other areas of the city.

Claudia Coger, who has lived for 70 years on the site of more than 6,400 apartments belonging to the New York Housing Authority, right next to the power plant, told the Gothamist website, “Because there are so many asthmatic children and asthma patients, they actually called this area ‘asthma valley’. ” she said.

Coger stated that three of his four grandchildren who grew up in the area suffer from severe asthma and said, “I see the transition of Ravenswood, which I see as a toxic skyscraper, to renewable energy as a real blessing and an answer to my prayers. Because the air we breathe determines our lives.” he said.


Columbia University Environmental Health Sciences Professor Joan Casey pointed out that there are emission control systems in power plants, but they do not come into operation until the generators are fully operational, so the area surrounding the facility is at great risk for health.

Natural gas and fuel oil combustion cause a wide range of health problems, including respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and congenital disorders. emphasized that it is associated with health problems.

It is stated that more than 1.2 million people live in the circular area about 5 kilometers in diameter of the production station, half of them black.