The biggest problem facing AKP…

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan said that the AKP was looking for an “unworn name” for the elections scheduled for 2023, but could not find it.

Ceyhan, in today’s column, stated that the biggest problem facing the AKP is the worn-out names.

Pointing out that there is a serious conflict within the party, Ceyhan said, “For There are serious problems between the two AKP members.. So both names have become worn out names for each other. The print and visual media are overflowing with news about such conflict matters. Of course, it is not an ordinary coincidence that two AKP members always fighting each other come to the fore instead of two AKP members working hand in hand and back to back,” he said.


“For years, the presidents It seems impossible for those who have come to these days by taking advantage of Erdoğan’s authority over the party members to stand together without a fight. For this reason, we agree with those who say that the job of the spokespersons of the opposition is difficult, but the job of the spokespersons of the government is more difficult. Of course, the opposition parties are not all rosy, but their disagreements are not as ramified as in the ruling party,” Ceyhan said, adding, “The opposition parties have problems that are easier to compensate. In the ruling party, it is not easy to compensate for the problems that arise. Even the warning “The gentleman does not want such things” is not enough to cover up the problems between the party members. said.