The best relationships come out of weddings!


– Savas Ozbey: How nice. Weddings are not just for the newly married couple to celebrate, but also for the new couples to admire each other in their most elegant outfits. It was perfect for its purpose.

– Onur Basturk: It’s time for me to comment like an old man: How beautiful, the most beautiful relationships come out of weddings! May they be happy.

– Lifetime Gedik: Is it a relationship that starts with the speed of light? I think there was something before. It is not possible to start a relationship in that crowd and leave hand in hand. Or are we sure that they are lovers and go hand in hand?

– Orkun Fame: That rapprochement did not begin there. Surely there is a precedent. You can’t meet and go hand in hand among all those people. It seems to me that an unfinished story is completed there.


Orkun Un – Omur Gedik – Onur Basturk – Savas Ozbey

Did the council like the wedding dresses?

Oguz Khan Rammarried to Demet Ozdemir, wore three wedding dresses at her wedding, but Butterfly fashion writer Hande Can did not like all three. How did you find the wedding dresses?

– Onur Basturk: I didn’t like the first one too, but I think the others were fine. I think what matters more than whether you like it or not is that three wedding dresses were worn. I don’t understand why she didn’t choose a single wedding dress that she could be comfortable with and photograph well.

– Savas Ozbey: Honestly, I didn’t faint either. It’s like it was forced to try to be different. More classical models could suit Demet Özdemir better. Only when criticizing, attention gets very bad, Demet Hanım. “Everything is criticised, everything is vilified, unfortunately. But the truth, moments! Neither criticism nor slander can overshadow those moments! Gather the moment, the moment. Take a good look at the picture, there are so many moments, so many love!” she made a loud exclamation point.

The best relationships come from weddings

– Orkun Fame: I think our friend Hande Can is a little difficult to like. I also wrote in my column, there was no detail that bothered me at the wedding. They also dress the way they want on their special days. Why are we so curious to knock people’s clothes off the ground?


– Lifetime Gedik: When the bride is beautiful, any wedding dress suits. Also, I think the wedding dresses were very elegant and not exaggerated. It was beautiful, beautiful. I like it.

I shouldn’t say love

Another love news came from Ayşe Özyılmazel and Buray. Allegedly, the two were in love away from the eyes.

– Lifetime Gedik: There is no photograph, no hint, no explanation, there is a claim in the air. I will not comment on this relationship without an explanation from the parties.

– Onur Basturk: The “out of sight” comment gets me too. In this age of social media, it seems impossible for two familiar figures to have a secluded relationship. Good luck to Ayşe and Buray.

The best relationships come from weddings


– Savas Ozbey: In our interview in June, “Are you a bird of prey or a partridge in love?” When asked, Buray said: “I caught all the prey I had set my eye on until now, gently, delicately, without causing any damage. There have been very few birds that I wanted and failed to catch when the right opportunity arose. Of course, I get caught once in a while, too. It’s not always the receiving bird.” I wonder who is the buyer and who is in the bag in this new rapprochement?

– Orkun Fame: So which side will we be now? I know Ayşe, I love her too. We also had the opportunity to meet Buray. He’s obviously very clean. But such ‘get to know each other days’ should not be called love. Now they have a good friendship that could evolve in all directions in the future. When do they spend their days together then ok.


One yesterday, two today

The life of Kurtuluş Kuş-Burak Bulut duo film is happening. What do you say, is it too early?

– Orkun Fame: Early, of course. But it can do unexpectedly at the box office, because it has a lot of audience and fans. I’m already against this recent movie buzz. Everyone’s life shouldn’t be a movie, it shouldn’t be that easy.

– Onur Basturk: What is interesting about their life? They probably know something. It seemed exaggerated to me.

The best relationships come from weddings

– Savas Ozbey: I admit, they are a successful duo, but only one yesterday, two today. What’s the hurry? The life of Ajdas, Sezen, Ibrahim Tatlises from arabesque, Ferdi Tayfur seemed to fall from the roof before the movie was made…


– Lifetime Gedik: I think there are enough details in their lives to make not one, but two movies. They are also currently popular and attracting attention. I think it’s time for this movie. Do you have to wait until someone’s life becomes a movie?

suits both

How did you find the ‘kilt’ images of Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Cem Yılmaz taken in Scotland?

– Onur Basturk: Both were very sympathetic. After all, when you go to Scotland, it is customary to wear plaid skirts called the famous “kilt” and pose. It suits both.

– Lifetime Gedik: I’ve already been writing that I like skirts for men for a long time. I also loved the locked states of Uraz and Cem. I wish this stream would spread.

The best relationships come from weddings

– Savas Ozbey: There will be people who go over Uraz, like the black nail polish she puts on her fingers and the slip swimsuit she wears on her boat vacation, but I don’t think she’s impressed and she’s too obsessed with them. But what are those white socks and Crocs slippers under that rug?

– Orkun Fame: Well, now you’ve gone to Scotland… You will experience their culture to the fullest… As much as I objected to Uraz’s slip-on swimsuit, I was as happy with her skirted state in Scotland.

I wish he would go and try

Talat Bulut announced that he received offers from Spain and Canada in ’93 and said, “If it were me, I would joke that Banderas wouldn’t have been on the market.” What would happen if he accepted the offer?

– Orkun Fame: Exactly, Mr. Talat… I’m sure it wouldn’t be Antonio Banderas… I’ve been laughing at this for 3 days. You know when you say, “If I were there, I would be a world-renowned name, I could not get enough of the awards, I was billion-dollar”, thank you. But you wouldn’t say “There wouldn’t be Banderas” either.

– Lifetime Gedik: If he evaluated the offers, he could be famous there too. Talat Bulut is an indisputable actor with his acting, energy and talent. He joked about Banderas.

The best relationships come from weddings

– Savas Ozbey: It’s so hard to talk about possibilities that didn’t happen. If only he had gone and tried it, we would have seen the result.

– Onur Basturk: Eh? If he got an offer, why couldn’t he consider it, I wondered about it.

Terror by women over men

Yeliz Yeşilmen said that she is “obsessed with tall men”, “Short men are never attracted to them. Didn’t we see it at weddings in the celebrity community, who went on what platforms, banned his wife from wearing heels,” he said.

– Savas Ozbey: This is the terror that women have on men. The person who says this word loses the right to talk about the male-dominated view, the pressure on women’s beauty or weight. Let’s lose weight, how will the height be increased? Does Mrs. Yeliz realize how bad she can make short men feel?

The best relationships come from weddings

– Onur Basturk: I am joining the war. This is a terror that women inflict on men. YY who made meaningless words.

– Lifetime Gedik: Tastes and colors are indisputable. In my opinion, intelligence, humor, compassion and love of animals are important, not stature. If we look at the outward appearance; what short handsome men there are…

– Orkun Fame: I don’t say to my girlfriend or wife that I forbid heels or step on a platform. I mean, these are really tiring things. Yeliz Yeşilmen obviously made these statements to be talked about.


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