The balance sheet of the 6.9 earthquake in Taiwan becomes clear: 1 dead, 79 injured


TaiwanThe balance sheet of the 6.9 magnitude earthquake that took place yesterday in the eastern city of Taitung began to become clear. After the severe tremor, while the debris removal and damage assessment works were continuing, it was announced that 1 person died and 79 people were injured. 4 people trapped in the collapsed building in the Yuli district of Hualien city, which is one of the most damaged areas in the earthquake, were rescued after 3 hours of work. While the Gaoliao, Luntien and Yuli bridges in the same region were damaged in the severe shaking, the units of the search and rescue teams rescued the 3 people trapped on the Gaoliao bridge and sent them to the hospital.

On the other hand, a total of 7 thousand 73 households in Yuli district earthquake due to lack of electricity. Neighborhoods in Tainan and Kaohsiung, including the capital Taipei, also experienced power outages.

The balance sheet of the 6.9 earthquake in Taiwan becomes clear: 1 dead, 79 injured


In the statement made by the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA), it was stated that a concrete piece that fell at Dongli Station hit a train traveling between Hualien-Taitung Tze-chiang, causing 6 wagons to derail. While there was no loss of life in the incident, 20 people on the train were rescued. Chike Mountain Community Development Association reported that 400 tourists stranded after landslides on Chike Mountain due to severe tremors were evacuated.


Aftershocks CONTINUE

After the 6.9 earthquake in the country, aftershocks continue to occur. While the earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 at 10:04 local time caused panic, the authorities called on the public to stay away from the damaged structures. Experts also warned that new aftershocks may occur in the coming days.

Earthquakes occur frequently in Taiwan, which is located very close to the fault line along the Pacific Ocean. 116 people died in the earthquake that occurred in Pingtung city in the south of the country in 2016, and 2,400 people died in the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that took place in the city of Nantou in 1999.


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