‘The AKP government is making a secret raise on top of a raise’

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın evaluated the fact that 40 percent of the natural gas consumed by BOTAS’s Tier-2 subscribers, which represent large industrial facilities, will now be invoiced according to the daily reference price determined in the natural gas market in EPİAŞ as a “hidden increase”.

Akın said, “BOTAŞ, which is responsible for protecting the citizens, not the government, and being transparent, presents the increase to the citizens by using fancy phrases such as ‘new price mechanism’, ‘target to become an energy center’, ‘sustainable and predictable price structure’. The AKP government seeks, finds and implements the formulas of how to hide the price hikes from our citizens. He also gives a hidden raise on top of a raise. The AKP government never takes a step back from its ruthlessness.”


Akin made the following comments:

“According to the new mechanism and tariff application, the price of natural gas to be consumed by various business lines other than electricity generation has changed from sector to sector. The gas price applied to accommodation facilities in tourism was increased by 25 percent. Hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, private accommodation facilities, motels, hostels and aparthotels will face a 25 percent higher bill in October 2022 than in September, even if their consumption amounts remain the same.


The increase in industrial natural gas is like a puzzle. Industrial consumers, called Tier-2 consumers, will apply the price in the tariff to 60 percent of their actual gas consumption, excluding electricity generation purposes. The part above this will be the arithmetic average of the daily reference prices (GRF) formed in the first 25 days of September 2022 in the Organized Wholesale Natural Gas Market (OTSP) operated by EPİAŞ. This means: With the October tariff, consumptions above 60 percent were adjusted to the GRF average for the first 25 days of September. When we calculate it, it becomes 26 TL. This means a 9.8 percent increase for the portion above 40 percent. When we look at it cumulatively, it means a 5 percent increase. In the gold, aluminum, copper, boron, zinc, iron/steel, silver, chromium, lead and magnesium production, oil refinery and petrochemical sectors, 26 TL will be applied to the entire consumption of consumers. So the price increase will be 37.3 percent.”

Influx; He stated that the hidden hike in natural gas is a harbinger of difficult days in the struggle for the cost of living of the citizens. Pointing out that the production costs will increase and return to the citizens as the cost of living due to the hikes made to industrial subscribers, CHP’s Ahmet Akın said that after the 50.8 percent hike in September for industrial subscribers, the hidden hike between 5 percent and 40 percent in October will exceed the total increase in 2022. He said it was 300.