The AKP government is following step by step the promises made by the CHP four years ago.

It has been revealed that many of the promises in the election manifesto published by the CHP in 2018 were fulfilled by the AKP, and the work on some promises is continuing. The promises listed in the CHP’s declaration in 2018 and which the AKP has turned into action are as follows:

– Tax free minimum wage: “We will not collect income tax from the minimum wage,” said the CHP. The AKP government abolished the income tax from the minimum wage and the part of the other wages equal to the minimum wage, as of January 2022.

– Double raise to the minimum: The promise of the CHP that “the minimum wage will be increased every six months” was brought to life by the AKP in 2022. The minimum wage, which was increased twice in January and July, rose to 5 thousand 500 liras net.

– Retirement holiday bonus: In its 2015 and 2018 declarations, CHP promised to retirees “one salary bonus during Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts”. Asking “Where is the source” in 2015, the AKP implemented this arrangement just before the 2018 elections, and the first bonus was paid to the retirees days before the ballot box.

– 3600 additional indicators: CHP promised in 2018 that “We will provide 3600 additional indicators to teachers, nurses, police, religious officials, prison execution and protection officers”. The AKP, which has long resisted taking steps in this regard, enacted the regulation in question last July, days before the closing of the Parliament.

– Military service period: The promise of the CHP in 2018, “We will shorten the military service period”, was implemented by the AKP a year later. With the regulation made in June 2019, compulsory military service was reduced from 12 months to six months.


– EYT issue: In its declaration, the CHP promised, “We will eliminate the grievances of those who are old enough to retire (EYT)”. Despite President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement in 2019, “I am not willing to do anything to the detriment of my nation”, referring to EYT, AKP promised a “solution in EYT” before the election.

– Social housing and land: In the CHP’s 2018 declaration, “We will produce land by the public in order to meet the housing needs of low-income citizens. With the cooperation of TOKİ and our municipalities, we will produce cheap and qualified housing”. AKP had to take a step in this regard after the exorbitant increase in housing and rent prices in 2022. Details of social housing and land projects for low-income families are expected to be announced by President Erdogan on September 13.

– Asset liabilities: CHP promises that “we will buy non-performing debts in asset management companies (VYŞ) on a risk basis, delete all financial liabilities such as debt interests, taxes, duties, fees, file money, cover fees, and collect only the principal by spreading it over a long term”. presented in its manifesto. Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati announced hours after CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu brought the issue to the agenda again, that “VYŞ debts up to 2 thousand 500 TL will be covered by the state”. The regulation, which is expected to become law when the parliament is opened, is criticized for its “partiality”.


In the 2018 declaration of the CHP, “We will remove the inflation gap from the repayment of the KYK loan and save the youth from the trouble of interest. We will restructure the debts”. The AKP, which for a long time ignored the reactions of students whose debts increased with the rapid rise in inflation, had to take a step in the end. President Erdoğan announced last July that “interests on KYK loan debts will be erased”. The relevant regulation is expected to be made when the Parliament opens.


The CHP’s 2018 promises for foreign policy were as follows:

“We will support initiatives to find a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine problem. Increasing our diplomatic relations with Egypt is our main goal. We will support all international peace initiatives aimed at ensuring the well-being of the Syrian people and the territorial integrity of Syria and the work of the UN Special Envoy for Syria.”

Having taken a strict stance in foreign policy in 2018 in relations with Israel, Egypt and Syria, the AKP approached the projections of the CHP in 2022. As part of the normalization process with Israel, it was announced on 17 August that mutual ambassadors would be appointed. President Erdoğan made a statement on August 19, “We (relationships) with Egypt are not at the desired place at the moment, but let’s continue this work at the ministerial level, and then we hope that we can take this step at the highest level in the best way possible.” Speaking about Syria, Erdogan said, “We need to take further steps with Syria. Political dialogue or diplomacy between states can never be cut off.”

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