The agreement has been signed… The amount of cash promotions that retirees will receive has increased! TEB will pay 10 thousand 500 TL retirement promotion!

Retirees are curiously searching for promotional banks. So which bank offers the most promotions? How much are retirement promotions? How much promotion does TEB give? All the details are here.

One of the most researched topics in internet search engines is about retirement promotion amounts. So how much was the retirement promotions? How much is TEB retirement promotion? How to apply for TEB retirement promotion? You can find all the details about the TEB retirement promotion in our news.


While frequent research is being conducted on retiree promotions, Kazım Ergün, President of the Retirement Association of Turkey, made the official statement. According to Ergün’s statement, TEB reached an agreement on the amount of the retirement promotion. The pension promotion amount to be given to SSK, Bağ-Kur and civil servant retirees has been increased. Retired citizens are the people who benefit the most from the promotion competition between banks. TEB determined the retirement promotion amount to be given under the agreement as 8 thousand TL. At the same time, an additional cash payment of 250 TL per person will be made to those who bring retired citizens with them.

TEB Retirement Promotion Amounts and Application Date


TEB was giving a promotion of 7,500 TL to retired citizens for the month of August. With the agreement, TEB retirement promotion amount was determined as 8 thousand TL. Retired citizens who carry their pensions to TEB will be paid 8 thousand TL without any conditions. TEB also extended the retirement promotion application date with the increased number. Citizens who want to receive a cash promotion payment must go to the TEB branch until September 30 to apply. When the retirement promotion is approved, the payments will be deposited into the citizen’s account within 3 days.