The 2023 target of Aegean fresh fruit and vegetable exporters is 1 billion 400 million dollars export.

EYMSİB Chairman of the Board Hayrettin Airplane, at the press conference he held, said that 2022 was a satisfactory year for the fresh fruit and vegetable products sector.

Informing that a total of 5.5 billion dollars of exports, 3 billion dollars of which is fresh fruit and vegetables and 2.5 billion dollars is fruit and vegetable products, are realized throughout Turkey, Uçar said, “22 percent of this export, which corresponds to 1 billion 250 million dollars, was realized through our union. exports increased by 6 percent compared to 2021. We were pleased with the 12 percent increase in the fruit and vegetable products sector in particular.” used the phrases.

Plane stated that the most exported product in fresh fruit and vegetable products in 2022 is table grapes, and said:

“The grape exports of 53 million dollars were followed by tomatoes with 41 million dollars, cherries with 36 million dollars and tangerines with 33 million dollars. The fifth most exported product was chestnut with 29 million dollars. In fruit and vegetable products, 2022 export champions are pickles, as in 2021. “The pickle export made through the EIB exceeded 250 million dollars for the first time and amounted to 257 million dollars. In the export of fruit and vegetable products, dried tomatoes ranked second with 149 million dollars, followed by dried tomatoes, canned fruits, frozen fruits and canned vegetables.”

Record target in exports
Explaining that they established two different committees consisting of exporting companies in the sectors of fresh fruit, vegetable and fruit and vegetable products, Hayrettin Aircraft stated that 2023 means a lot because it is the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

Plane, emphasizing that they want to break new records in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, said, “We want to increase our exports with all our strength and set new records. We care about increasing the export value rather than increasing the export amount.” said.

Pointing out that they want to produce special projects for products such as kumquat with a high kilogram price, sauces that can be offered to the market with special packaging and recipes, and fruit and vegetable chips, Uçar said that they aim to gain new markets by maintaining their share in Europe and America.

Pointing out that they also accelerated the work for China, the aircraft said:

“This year, we went to India as part of our UR-GE (Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness) Project. We care about the Far East, but at the same time, we are trying to increase our exports to the Middle East, we started to bear its fruits. We increased our exports to India. In this extraordinary conjuncture, we went to India. Let alone the increase in exports, even maintaining the present is a success. We aim to increase our exports to the level of 1 billion 400 million dollars in 2023. Our producer has become seriously conscious, the analyzes have been tightened, and we will increase our preliminary analysis.”