That item that we all have in our house is now worth a fortune! Don’t let it go to waste, there is gold in it

Many items are thrown away unconsciously at the end of their useful life. In fact, many items turned out to be a piece of wealth worth a fortune, and it turns out why the scrap dealers paid the old ones!

That item that we all have in our house is now worth a fortune! Don’t let it go to waste, there is gold in it – While technological devices that increase with the developing technology are now sold for a small fortune, unfortunately, the useful life of these items is very short. In particular, devices such as smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops and televisions are changed in a short time after the new high-end products.

Many people see their malfunctioning devices as an opportunity and use them to switch to the upper model. According to the official data announced for the first quarter of 2022, there are 88.8 million phones in total, 70.5 million of which are mobile phones. It turned out that there is actually a fortune in technological devices that have expired.


According to the official data announced, it was revealed that while 8 kg of electronic waste is produced per person every year in Turkey, a large part of this waste goes to waste. However, there is a small fortune in every device that goes to waste. It was announced that while the value of electronic devices is increasing day by day with the rising inflation, exchange rate and the chip crisis, there are many important parts such as gold and palladium, as well as the chips in the deteriorated devices.


It has been announced that the parts used in many devices that we do not drop in our daily life, such as television, laptop or desktop computers, tablets, especially mobile phones, are actually worth a fortune. According to the report published by the International Telecommunication Union together with the United Nations University, there are 623 tons of e-waste in Turkey. In the published report, it was stated that the total value of the materials found in the phones alone is 55 billion euros.

While it is stated that gold and palladium are used to increase conductivity in the electrical components of mobile phones, each phone actually goes to waste when thrown away, thanks to the main board, 14 and 22 carat gold, precious palladium and other useful parts inside the phone.