Terror lairs called ‘inaccessible’ in Cudi have been made irreversible

Judi, who saw Zaho in northern Iraq from a bird’s eye view, was among the places where PKK terrorists were hiding until 2019.

The terrorist organization was organizing domestic attacks in these mountains. In the last 3 years, operations in Cudi have intensified.

The commandos did not leave a single terrorist

Many terrorists were neutralized in the operations, and the commandos advanced step by step. They did not leave a single terrorist in the steep geography called inaccessible.

The commandos made every inch of cleared land irreversible for terrorists. Within the scope of the security concept, 55 security towers and modules were built in the base area.

Thermal cameras, steep weapon systems, radars are protected with the latest technology Cudi.

Turkish flag waving at the summit

Everything has been considered for the commandos who spend their days in these bases. The living towers are on the most dominant hills. The eyes of the gendarmerie are always on these foggy mountains.

A 70-kilometer road was built in Cudi, which the terrorists said could not be entered. Base areas and towers transportation easily provided.

Gendarmerie who was martyred in Cudi in 2007 Commando Petty Officer Halit Özçelik, Lieutenant İsmail Can Akdeniz and all Cudi martyrs were avenged.

The Turkish flag waving at the summit can be seen from both Iraq and Syria.

Camera: Faruk Yağız