Tens of thousands of Russians flee every day.


Only last Monday, 36 flights were made from the airports in the capital Moscow to Antalya. Around 9,000 Russian citizens arrived in Antalya in 24 hours, most of them wide-body A330 aircraft. Mobilization After the announcement, the Russians sacrifice an average of 150 thousand rubles for the ticket. This means that airline companies make a turnover of 1 billion 350 million rubles (approximately 424 million TL) in 24 hours. It is expected that the flights will continue with similar intensity in the coming days.


A total of 98 thousand Russian citizens crossed into neighboring Kazakhstan by road in six days. The government used the phrase “those who had to flee a hopeless situation” for those arriving from Russia. It promised “security” to refugees.

On the day the mobilization was announced through the land gate of Georgia, it exceeded 5 thousand, but yesterday this number increased to 12 thousand daily. Those who wanted to cross the border formed a 15 km long queue. The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that 100 thousand Russians would have arrived as of October 1, if they proceeded at this speed. On the other hand, Russia, which insisted that it would not go to an application such as travel control, took steps on the field that pointed to the contrary.



In order to prevent the people from escaping from being drafted into the military, additional measures were taken yesterday at the Georgian border. The Russian army deployed armored vehicles to the Georgian gate. Although this measure was said to be for “security” purposes at first, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that a recruitment center was set up on the border later on. Those who want to cross into Georgia will first be checked to see if they have been called up for military service.