Tell the truth, Ethem, did you give the money?

As a former Turkish leftist, I had the following thought in my head as I walked through the door of the luxurious Mandarin Hotel on the Bosphorus last night:

“I guess the Ankara and Istanbul station chiefs of the CIA have devoted all their shifts to this dinner for the last 4 days.

Of course, I am sure that the intelligence units of the member states of the European Union are in the same situation.

Who are the two lucky journalists invited to the Eurasian wedding?

One is mine.

I was entering the hall with the curiosity of being one of the two lucky journalists invited to such a meeting.

At the door, Doğu Perinçek and his wife Şule Perinçek greeted those who came like a wedding owner.

So a Eurasian wedding…

Welcome to Özkök, you are the guest of honor of this dinner.

When he saw me he opened his arms and said exactly:

“Welcome to Özkök. Look, you’re the guest of honor tonight.”

Thus, I suddenly transitioned from journalism to the guest of honor of the Eurasian wedding.

But let me add this right away.

It was one of the most interesting invitations I have ever seen as a journalist in my life.

The East knows that I am an incurable pro-Western.

He wanted to convey to me the development about Eurasia, which I probably did not like, in this hall.

He is an incurable Eurasian.

I am incurably pro-Western…

But somehow we always had a civil and warm relationship.

I think it was a little bit because of the characters of both of us.

Life has been flowing like this for 60 years as “living together in peace”.

List of 60 people the CIA station chief sought

Remember, I wrote at the beginning of the week.

Its title was:

“Who are the 60 people who will sit at Perinçek’s Luxury table…”

The Vatan Party, headed by Doğu Perinçek, had accomplished a surprising task and brought together a high-level Russian delegation of 20 people with 60 Turkish businessmen in Istanbul.

At the head of the Russian delegation was Sergey Cheryomin, Minister of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the Moscow Government of the Russian Federation.

I do not know what the government’s view on this is, but it is certain that this is a success for Doğu Perinçek.

The only journalist besides me is Nagehan Alçı.

Especially my sworn enemies on the left wing will be very angry again, but what can I do, this is the truth…

I saw Nagehan Alyçı as the only journalist other than me in the hall.

He even came earlier than me and was chatting with the Russian minister with a notebook in his hand.

The news may have passed.

I’m not sure if there were any other journalists.

Because when I looked at the journalists who took family photos behind President Erdoğan in Shanghai and New York last week, I could only recognize Ahmet Hakan and Hakan Çelik.

A hall in the Kremlin Politburo layout

The arrangement of the hall was completely retro. It created a “Vintage” feeling for me.

I felt myself in the Politburo meetings of the Soviet Union era.

This was an order that belonged to the left-wing parties.

A huge square table was set up so that there would be no protocol.

Can you imagine at least 100 people were sitting around this table.

Let me tell you how this photo was taken

It was a historic meeting and as journalists, we wanted to have a photo taken behind the trio sitting at the table.

So Doğu Perinçek, Russian Minister and Ethem Sancak…

It was a painting like the Soviet Nomenklotura on the Lenin Mausoleum on Oktobr Day.

However, there was one difficulty. The table was closed on all four sides and there was no place to go to the middle.

Anyway, I asked one of the staff members, he took my phone and came to the middle section under the cover of the table and took our photo with Nagehan.

Golden opportunity for some, golden opportunism for others

It was a historical photograph.

There were Turkish and Russian Flags on the giant screen right behind us and below it was written:

“Turkey-Russia: Meeting of Golden Opportunities…”

Of course, “Golden Opportunities” meeting for Doğu Perinçek, “Golden Opportunities” for West

It could mean “Meeting of Opportunism”.

Who is the secret financier paying for this luxury hotel?

Since the day I wrote this article, I have been searching for the answer to this question around me.

Mandarin is one of the three most luxurious and expensive hotels in Istanbul.

A meal for 100 people in such a hall meant a lot of money.

Could an organization like the Vatan Party, which did not receive Treasury aid, pay this amount?

Could it be that the Government, which did not come to the fore but supported it from behind, provided the financing of the trip and the meals?

Or did the Russian side finance it?


Of course, the first name that came to our minds was Ethem Sancak from the new Vatan Party…

We finally find out who the secret financier is

While we were talking about this with Nagehan Alçı, Ethem Sancak appeared next to us and tactlessly asked the question that everyone was wondering…

“Ethem, everyone says Ethem Sancak paid this money. Did you really pay?”

He replied with a smile:

“Did they leave me money to pay for it…”

I have known Ethem Sancak for a long time, so we have the sincerity to call each other by our names.

“Ethem, who would believe that, is it possible that you have no money left…”

He did not say who paid the money.

While we were making an agreement to meet for a dinner in the coming days, we learned the financial source of that night’s dinner, from Doğu Pekrinçek’s own words, with an expression of thanks.

Vedat Aşçı, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Astaş Holding, owned the building of the secret financier Mandarin Hotel.

We get very important information from a business person with a sickle-hammer cufflink.

While we are talking about this, a businessman sitting next to Nagehan Plaster joins in.

A young businessperson… My curious eyes instantly scan for two interesting details.

He has an earring in his left ear.

But the most interesting are the cufflinks. Because a huge pair of “Sickle hammers…”

That is the symbol of Soviet communism.

The sickle-hammer businessman tells us about a “Holding” that we have never heard before.

‘Duty’ Holding, managed by revolutionary professionals

According to the information given by the businessman with Orakcekic arm cuffs and earrings, there was a holding called “Duty” founded by the Vatan Party.

He has investments in medicine and many other fields.

I thought that this holding could also contribute financially with the meeting.

I went to the holding’s website, there is a section called “Message from the Chairman”.

Tugay Şen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, says:

“Our valued business and solution partner,

Dear colleagues;

We are witnessing a change in which the center of gravity of the global economy has shifted from the Atlantic to Eurasia, and Asia has become the production center of the world…”

The president’s message says it all.

A Eurasian Holding. Behind him is the Homeland Party.

“Who runs the company?” I ask our neighbor with the Orakcekic arm button.

I get the answer “Revolutionary professional friends”.

Is the power from Perinçek or is Perinçek stealing a role from power?

Now let me step out of the hall and tell you an incident that happened that morning.

The Vatan Party, which organized this meeting and dinner…

So it has no official character.

But something interesting happened that morning.

DEİK, namely the Foreign Economic Relations Board, held an apartheid meeting that morning with the delegation from Russia.

If the information I received is correct, 300 business people participated.

As you can see, the Government did not leave the field to the Vatan Party to play alone in this field.

Now is the time to ask the question in my head.

East declares: We will go to Damascus with Özkök

Doğu Perinçek and Ethem Sancak were going to go to Damascus together and meet with Assad.

I said to Perinçek at the door, “There is a rumor that the government has blocked this trip because you are playing a role”.

“No such thing. At one point, Assad went to the Shanghai meeting. That’s why it’s a little late,” he said.

However, after a while, he surprised me in the opening speech of the dinner and announced to everyone that “We will go to Damascus with Özkök”.

Of course, a great opportunity for every journalist…

I gladly accepted.

We peasants and muzhiks are holding the founding committee meeting of a new world.

Now let’s come to Doğu Perinçek’s speech…

Vatan Party has now become one of the three coalition partners of the Government.

That’s why what they said was important.

The sentences that caught my attention from Perinçek’s speech were as follows:

“A new world is being established, we are holding a founding committee meeting here tonight…”

“We are Anatolian villagers, Russian muzhiks (Villagers) In the past, these people worked miracles.”

“Today that mujik and the peasants’ companies are crashing the ‘Dollar and Tribute system’.”

“Until now, only America has had the Armed Forces. Now other countries have armed forces as well.”

The West says freedom. We defend freedom of trade…”

He gets into the most critical issue: the Russian credit card system

At this point of the speech, he enters a rough area that will make Ankara think.

“Turkey should immediately accept the money transfer system developed by Russia.”

Then comes this sentence:

“Ukraine is Greece on the Black Sea…”

In short, the East has created a new world and placed Turkey there.

Interesting sentence intervening in the speech of the Russian minister

There was a different point in the speech of the Russian minister.

He also said similar things, but he did not neglect to add:

“There is no other country that has suffered as much from wars as we have. We do not want to continue such a painful event. Because we have suffered a lot in history.”

Doesn’t this sentence make you feel that “Russia is starting to feel uncomfortable with the war”?

But I wasn’t sure if Putin was thinking the same thing.

The image that surprised the Russian minister in the hall

The Russian Minister continues:

“I was surprised that so many people attended this morning’s meeting and this dinner. “

“Do not believe the western media. Indeed, the US, Canada and the British have left the company, but very few of the European companies have left.”

Nagehan asked the minister why so many Russians left the country after the declaration of mobilization.

His answer was:

“They don’t leave, they go for tourism…”

Buratta and sea bass in trilingual Eurasian meal was good

By the way, the Buratta cheese in the meal was great.

Let me take a short break and explain the menu…

There was something new on the menu that we had not seen before.

The menu, which is usually in Turkish and English, became trilingual with the addition of Russian for this meal.

So there’s a three, four, five-language Eurasian menu on the horizon.

The sea bass was also good.

Turkish wine was preferred as wine.

Who are the 60 business people invited to this dinner?

Of course, as a journalist, I wondered which companies and who attended this dinner.

There were some bosses around that I didn’t know.

However, my feeling is that companies mostly send their lower level managers or consultants.

Let me be cautious though.

I could be wrong.

I’m giving the full list, maybe a good economics editor can do the analysis better.

I felt weird as a pro-WesternIn my opinion, Doğu Perinçek held a very successful meeting for himself in this very critical and cutting edge conjuncture that Turkey is in.I’m sure the Eurasians liked it.But I am not sure if this meeting was a successful initiative for Turkey as well.For my part…There is a truth that everyone knows, and I am telling myself openly.I am a person who wants to live in Western values ​​and democracy.Let me be clear, I felt a bit of an outsider at the meeting.I was already flea from these Shanghai ventures from the beginning, my doubts increased even more.Hopefully, until the elections, no radical step will be taken to move Turkey from the democracy of the West to the one-man authoritarian geography of Eurasia.