Teacher of the Faroe Islands: “Poor Stefan Kuntz”

The teacher of the Faroe Islands, with a population of 50 thousand, which won the most glorious victory in its history against Turkey, still continues to be on the agenda. Hakan Ericson, who is Swedish, is now among the coach candidates of his own country. However, he is not very keen on this.

He says that he had a lot of fun in the Faroe Islands and that the victory against Turkey was an important part of this fun.


Here are Ericson’s key statements about that win and Kuntz:

“No, I really don’t want to take over Sweden. I hope they can survive with their own potential. Naturally, I follow Swedish football. Our victory against Turkey is a great result for us. We aim to get better results as well.

It is clear that when we played here at home, our motivation was more than the rain and wind that forced Turkey. But they are professional football players and I think they are under a lot of pressure at home. They came here with the Luxembourg draw before. For Turkey, this was an unacceptable result. (Laughing) Did you notice poor Kuntz who had to answer questions at the press conference? He spoke for over an hour.”


“I’m in the Faroe Islands and I didn’t come here to make a career. I’m here for football because it’s fun and it’s evolving. I think in that direction. This is my journey. At first I thought things wouldn’t be possible with the Faroe Islands. But then I thought what is not possible. Winning championships “There are other exciting challenges. Now we have this result against Turkey. It’s a lot of fun.”

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