Teacher kicks 15-year-old student unconscious for spelling mistake

Teacher kicks 15-year-old student unconscious for spelling mistake

Indian police are looking for a teacher suspected of killing 15-year-old student Nikhil Dohre, which sparked violent protests in the Auraiya district. Police went after the teacher after one of his students was brutally beaten to death due to a typo.

A 15-year-old high school student named Nikhil Dohre in Uttar Pradesh, India was allegedly beaten to death by his teacher after he misspelled the word “social” in the exam. Acting on the complaint of Dohre’s father to the police, the authorities stated that the teacher fled after the incident and that the child died after 2 weeks of treatment in the hospital where he was taken. “He is on the run but we will arrest him soon,” police officer Mahendra Pratap Singh said in a statement. said.

“Kicked Until He Lost Consciousness”


According to a police complaint filed by her father, Dohre was beaten with a stick and kicked until she lost consciousness by her high school teacher after she misspelled the word “social” on a test earlier this month.

After the news of Dohre’s death spread in the Auraiya district, where the teacher’s attack took place, hundreds of people took to the streets to protest the caste system. While dozens of people were arrested after the protests, it was stated that the search for the fugitive teacher continues.