TCDD’s debt broke a historical record: Rails are being laid for privatization

The debts of TCDD, which is among the most important institutions of the Republic and planned to be privatized with the “holding model”, increased exponentially. According to the Treasury’s data, which reminds of the claim that “Privatization is being paved with debt”, TCDD’s total debt reached 5.3 billion TL as of August, of which 2.4 billion TL consists of overdue debts.

According to the news of Mustafa Bildircin from BirGün, the Treasury Receivables Stock once again revealed the debt swamp of TCDD, which is described as the “backyard of the power” due to the employment of former bureaucrats from the lost municipalities.According to the data of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance As of 2022, the debt of the administration to the Treasury continued to increase every month.


The Ministry of Treasury and Finance has published the Public Debt Management Report for August. In the report, “Treasury Receivable Stock” The total debts of the State Economic Enterprises were included under the title. TCDD came to the fore as the most indebted institution among the five SOEs indebted to the Treasury. 5 billion 299 TL of the total 6 billion 400 million TL Treasury debt of SEEs consisted of TCDD’s debts. The ratio of TCDD’s Treasury debt to the total Treasury debt of SOEs was 82 percent.


Overdue debts accounted for 46 percent of TCDD’s total debt. It has been reported that the total amount of the overdue debts of the administration is 2 billion 455 million TL. 2 billion 844 million TL of the total debt was classified under the “Undue Receivables” item.


The increase in the overdue debt stock of the administration over the years also showed that the problems experienced in the administration were getting bigger. Accordingly, the debts of the administration, which had only 93 million TL of overdue debt in 2013, reached 245 million TL and 425 million TL in 2014 and 2015, respectively.