Tatar: President Erdogan made history


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, United Nations (UN) addressed the participants at the 77th General Assembly meetings and said, “Registration of the sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriot people is the key to the solution. We invite the international community to officially recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as soon as possible.”

CNN Turk live broadcast President Erdoganevaluating the call of TRNC President Ersin Tatar“I would like to thank President Erdo─čan in front of the Turkish public,” and said:

“It is not possible for us to accept a situation where Turkey’s guarantorship will come to an end. It is important that the Republic of Turkey gives us open support. Our President has made history. There have been many speeches so far, for years we have emphasized equality for meeting on the basis of this federation. Today, for the first time, Mr. Erdogan’s exit is a historic step for the whole world. I would like to thank Mr. President Erdogan in front of the Turkish public. The Republic of Turkey is the most powerful region of this region. Making the call is a very important development. I wish the new process will be beneficial for our nation. It is an extraordinary thing in world politics. noted as an improvement.”



Ersin Tatar also answered the question about the launch of direct flights from Russia to the TRNC, “I do not have certain information on this matter. I learned from the press. I know that several airline companies have applied. I do not know what the Russian state says. There is a movement. There is a large number of people living in the TRNC. “There is a Russian.


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