Tarkan’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

Tarkan, who has completed the 30th anniversary of his music career, thanked his fans by sharing a post on his social media account. “Weird things will happen,” Megastar said.

50-year-old singer Tarkan has left behind 30 years of his artistic life.

Megastar thanked his fans who have supported him so far by sharing a post on his Instagram account, “Good bye” said.

Tarkan, presenting a frame from his youth, wrote:

“With my ripped jeans, my leather jacket…”

“A few days ago, my musical career turned 30 years, I don’t know. I noticed your beautiful posts. I said ‘hello’ to you with my torn jeans, my leather jacket, and a ‘hair’ song… Also in my yellow plaid outfit. I don’t know when these years passed, but they passed very well with their bitterness and sweetness.

Tarkan's 30th Anniversary Celebration #1

“Who can hold us”

My hope is to continue this journey with the love of music, beautiful songs, projects, new excitements and surprises for many more years. Of course, I hope you are in good health. But as long as this strong, deep-rooted bond between us and the love you make in my heart, who can hold me/us…

“Weird things will happen”

And I feel more strange things will happen. Thank you so much for your love, unconditional support and commitment over the past 30 years. Good luck to you. I love you…”

Tarkan's 30th Anniversary Celebration #2

30th anniversary celebration from Tarkan #3