Tarkan call from Fazil Say on Halk TV

Fazil Say and Jamal AliyevComposed for cello and piano upon the commission of Zorlu PSM. “Tree of Life” suite is on Halk TV before the world premiere tonight. A New Morning with İsmail Küçükkayawas the guest of.

Say, ‘Tree of Life’He said that he told about his closest relatives. Talking about the compositions, Say said:

“There is also a piece in memory of my mother in Tree of Life. There is a song called ‘My Father Ahmet Say’. ‘Ece’ is for my wife. It has a finale called Tree of Life. The first opening is ‘Hope’. Short short pieces. Also released as an album digitally “Peaceful music that everyone will listen to calmly”

Say for Jamal Aliyev “He is one of the world’s leading young talents in the cello. He has won the title. I think both the music world and the younger generations will like Jamal very much” said.

‘Awesome feeling’

As for Aliyev, ‘wonderful’ stating that he felt “It was a great feeling and I am very happy that we recorded such personal works of Fazıl Say that he wrote for his family” he said.

Talking about working with Say, Aliyev said:

“It’s a little hard to explain. I’ve been a fan of dear Fazıl Say since I was a child. It’s an honor and pride for me to have such a chance. I’m learning a lot”

‘As if I want to convey the voice to him’

Say describing his father “My father was alive when I composed the piece. My father passed away when I was about to make a recording. It’s like I want to convey his voice to him every time I play the piece ‘My Father Ahmet Say'” said.

Say said:

“Even when we feel a little bit of hopelessness, it is as if we are going to the cemetery. Hope is so everything in life. We should never miss a moment of hope. We must always be full of hope.

I wonder if people found music that was born so peacefully good in this tense environment. It’s good for me to be calm and relax a bit. Things are bad, you turn on the news on TV, drama, tragedy… We’re a little tired. That’s why this introversion, one has to try to remember one’s mother, even if she’s not alive.

He gave concerts to tens of thousands in Tunceli.

I went to Kaz Mountains with the idea of ​​helping nature. There were 30-40 thousand people. Ovacik, Tunceli… There were nearly 20 thousand people. Amid all this stress, these concerts teach me why we do this job. What we do has meaning. In this kind of concert, 60 albums, 100 works, three thousand concerts have a meaning. For example, my music worked in Kaz Mountains.

We gave a message here. This is a message not only about the clean flow of Munzur, but also in terms of more integration of people in eastern Turkey, living together and not being marginalized.”

Society wants to stay contemporary’

Speaking about Tarkan’s concert in Izmir on September 9, Say said:

“It is very rare in the world to have such a big, enormous concert. This is not just a concert. 9 September is the Liberation of Izmir… Society has rebellion against many things. Society wants to stay modern, to remain civilized, not to be marginalized. There are answers to these. At the same time concerts are canceled I think he made an innovation in Turkey. Tunç Soyer should also be congratulated. They didn’t give up, day and night… It was amazing.

Call to Tarkan

Congratulations Tarkan. I hope we will be able to do something with him. A meeting.. Culture The meeting of art and popular culture. In fact, my songs have found a place between culture-art and popular culture. Four Seasons, Human and Human… It has been the subject of movies. The current composer should be able to do anything. “

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