Tarantino or a cowboy movie? What did I watch?

He who walks on the pavement insults the one who walks ahead on the street. (The video is silent, we don’t know what he said.) He takes his knife out of his pocket, which is spoken. He walks over the other. He swings the knife once or twice, falls on the ground that eats the knife, and gets stuck in the sidewalk in the parked car. But he takes his gun out of his pocket and fires it. The bullet enters near the heart of the man above him and exits his back. Another hand fires below. The uncle who stabbed falls to the ground. The stabbed gets up and goes to the pavement. He looks at his moribund opponent on the ground for a while, and when he sees that he is not dead, he shoots two more shots at his legs. It remains motionless before on the ground.

Blood is flowing from the navel of the standing one. He bends down calmly, picks up his fallen cigarette, finds the fallen lighter, relights it, and straightens his shirt, which has come out of his pants, as he turns around and walks forward. Blood is still flowing from his body, he is smoking his cigarette.

While the person on the ground is dying, his body contracts with involuntary movements, his legs are entangled before and after that he remains motionless.

Social media comments

As the video ends, we notice the audience on the side of the empty street. There are thousands of comments under this video posted on social media:

Most of these comments are from lawyers. In the consistency of a lecture in law school, they all discuss whether the action of the shooter will be in self-defense and what punishment he will receive with criminal law articles!

Some of the comments are from doctors. Which bullet entered from where, whether the stabs will be life-threatening or not, are explained with the seriousness of the consultation!

A religious citizen claimed that the leg movements of a person struggling on the ground were written in the Qur’an.

Entellers have compared the video artistically to Tarantino movies, or cowboy movies from the early years of American cinema. It reminded me of Sharlo as the video was silent and tragicomic! Especially the uncle who smoked his cigarette while blood was flowing from his stomach, just like Charlo, who didn’t have a cane.

Some political enthusiasts attributed the incident to the disorder in the AKP period. Some are obsessed with the unresponsiveness of the audience. Sociologists, on the other hand, take for granted death in human behavior.

Of course, psychologists stepped in and looked at these comments and the high number of likes and made the short and concise comment “You are all crazy”!

However, this is now part of the urban culture! The village remains, the reality of a town that turned from a city into a village… No sirens are heard, no police come, no ambulance. No one called the police or the ambulance. Where is this state, where is justice! In case you were wondering about the ending, both heroes are badly injured but alive!

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