Taking screenshots on WhatsApp becomes history!

Popular messaging app WhatsAppgets a new feature that will break friendships. The platform, which wants to add more privacy to the application, will prevent saving screenshots or videos that can be opened once. Screenshots or video recordings will not be allowed.

Unable to screenshot WhatsApp “View once” media

The privacy measures announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in August are starting to come to WhatsApp. Android for WhatsApp Within the scope of the new feature that can be tested in the new version, it will not be possible to save screenshots and videos of media marked as “View once”.

When you want to save media with “View once” selected, WhatsApp displays a warning saying “Cannot take screenshots due to security policy”. This change, which was started to be tested among beta users, received mixed reactions from users.

Hackers can get your information!  Critical update from WhatsApp

Hackers can get your information! Critical update from WhatsApp

WhatsApp has released an update to fix two different vulnerabilities that allow hackers to execute code remotely.

WABetaInfo According to the information conveyed by, it is possible to take screenshots or video recordings using third-party software. However, recorded the image or video is completely black it was noticed. But even if you try to take a screenshot that the other party has not been notified It’s worth mentioning.

As a classic method, it is possible to take a photo/video using a secondary phone or tablet. Moreover WhatsApp WebWhen it comes to Turkey, it is thought that this feature can be bypassed with recording programs. It is unclear when this feature, which was introduced to the WhatsApp beta for Android, will come to the stable version.

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