Table of six – YAVUZ DONAT

The most harmonious coalition of Turkish politics, Süleyman Demirel-Erdal İnönü coalition. November 20, 1991 – May 16, 1993… The partnership of the Doğruyol Party and the Social Democrat Populist Party.

Demirel… He never told his partner “small party” he did not look.

“Unaware of İnönü” didn’t do any work.

Demirel told his partner that “care” If it didn’t show… “Confidence” If he didn’t… he wouldn’t have been able to go to Çankaya.
Politics… It is an art.
Especially… Politics at the table of six… Fine art.


four table
Turkish politics “most” crowded, “most” multi-party coalition. Solomon Demirel-Necmettin Erbakan-Alpaslan Turkes-Turhan Feyzioglu partnership.

March 1, 1975-June 21, 1977… The partnership of the Justice Party, the National Salvation Party, the Nationalist Movement Party and the Republican Trust Party… Four-legged table.
It’s a difficult time… And “like a camel tooth” famous names.
Suleyman Demirel “Without breaking… Without hurting his partners… Every by sharing the issue with them” such a “fine art” demonstrated that… the Coalition “until election” continued.


Brake explosion
The branches of the tree do not fight among themselves.
The biggest party of the table of six… CHPin… The branches of the tree are in a fight… Party, a complete boiling cauldron.
Otherwise, the Chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu
In front of the public… To his friends, “Are you with me? Behind me Are you?” does he ask?
As for the six table… “A community trustworthy from harmony” possible to speak is it?
If it was… GOOD Party General President Meral Aksener, “infuriated would he come out?”
six table, “notary desk not” would he have to say?


Opposition… enough for them
Six table… really power does she want to be
Otherwise… to stay in opposition… protect your seats is it enough for them?

big goals It takes a claim… It takes faith… It takes a vision.
come to power, is the big target.
Such a claim at the table of six… Unity of belief… Can you see the vision?


fighting home they don’t give a girl
In politics… if alliance… partnership if it is considered;
Noone, “My party, your party big… So we said what I said, I stole whistle… will be whatever I say” to the mood it doesn’t come in… He cannot enter.
If it enters… The table is drawn. “Table at odds with itself” image is born.
The famous word is… “Fighting home girl they won’t.”
Voter… “Those who quarrel” does he vote?


groundbreaking vote
We are going to the elections… It is very different from the previous elections… Because… Turkey target raised.
Turkey’s league in politics has changed now… Germany, England with France… With the advanced giants of the world We are in a competitive league. Those who aspire to rule Turkey, big goals they have to show.
Highways… Bridges… Dams… big target ceased to be… routine work has become… New targets much more above.
Moreover… of big goals mention it’s not enough… Fill your rhetoric, your claim must.
How will you do it? With what program? With what staff?
The table of six has emerged so far. Turkey further intended for transport can you put a program?
The voter… Doesn’t care what dishes are on the table…

to the vision looks.


come early tiredness
The election race is a long run… 100 meter is not… It’s a marathon.
You will be well prepared… to breast the rope you will breathe… otherwise you’ll get tired… You break out of the race.
Table of six… Started off unprepared… And controversial… “You… No, I… Ekrem Imamoglu… Black Sea trip… Mansur Slow… If Kılıçdaroğlu is not a candidate, the table disperses… ministry to HDP” discussions.
The people at the table… They wasted their energy… They beat water in the mortar… They got tired early.


golden advice
Famous French advertiser Jacques Seguela
He was in Turkey during the 1991 election campaign… Chairman of the Motherland Party and Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz‘of, plenipotentiary He was a campaign manager.
To Mesut Yılmaz, 10 golden tips found.
Tip number one:

“The leader wins the election, not the ideology.”
in 1991… leader of the ruling party selection lost.
Suleyman Demirel the third party leader of choice as was the first.

Leadership it is an institution… It is important… your golden advice should not be thrown away.


First question: Who? Who is called a leader? political party leader anyone who is really Is he a leader?
Response… “A case He’s the one chasing after you.”
Second question: Case why?
The answer is long… Let’s just say this much… “Joyful go and i will come… I will knock you down” I mean, it’s not a lawsuit.


in a nutshell
in the parliament, of the second party General President Erdal İnönüI asked:
You criticize Prime Minister Turgut Özal… If you come to power tomorrow, What will you do if you become prime minister?
SHP leader İnönü, “What did Özal do? I will do the opposite” he said.
This statement of İnönü did not find a response in the society.
Then… Erdal Bey called… change made:
Turgut Bey made, started right projects will continue… I will correct what I find wrong.
In summary;

“I’m against… Against everything” His words have no meaning in society.