Symbols of Victory Day celebration and warnings of provocation

We celebrated the 100th anniversary of the August 30 Victory Day with great enthusiasm. The celebration in the Kulliye was equipped with many symbols. The framework of the program pointed to the strength and unity that our Republic reached a century later. The video connection of Turkish soldiers working for peace in Azerbaijan, Libya, Qatar, Somalia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the celebrations showed Turkey’s new and active role in the international system. National Making the Fight the country of the Turkish nation to the surrounding areas carrying stability and security It is said to have turned into a powerhe was tired. The Quran recitation in the garden of the complex, the Turkish flag, the photo of Mustafa Kemal, the marches played by 16 groups of artists and the mehter represented the common values ​​and symbols we all embraced. These symbols that establish the Ottoman-Republican continuity are also an indication that we have reached a synthesis of the debates in Turkish modernization under the AK Party rule.


I understand the opposition’s fierce criticism of a twenty-year-old government. However, by ignoring this common ground that crystallized during the 100th anniversary celebrations, Turkey’s “Islamist-fascist” or “sharia to the management” I don’t understand those who claim to go. Meeting the demands of the religious did not prevent the deepening and diversification of secular life. The performance of meeting the identity demands of the Turkish modernization experience has been enriched in the last two decades. The new sociology of Turkish society is the most important indicator of this. All youth work points to the importance of inclusive policy and discourse. Those who, while saying that they will oppose the government, accuse the realization of the democratic demands of religious-conservative groups with excessive accusations, are accumulating a revanchist anger. It is the unconcealable reflections of this anger that feeds the anxiety of losing democratic gains. republic history “progressive secularists and reactionary The struggle of the Islamists and those who see the AK Party as “actor of reaction” Those who present it as such are weighted in the CHP’s media. It is the unconcealed manifestations of this anger that consume the authenticity of CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu’s rhetoric of saying goodbye. The exaggerated accusations overshadow the collective gains of Turkish modernization.


During the 30 August celebrations, the leaders’ warnings of provocation drew attention. First, President Erdoğan talked about the increase in provocations against our brotherhood during the election period: “Can’t get out of the ballot box those who hope tied to stale scenarios situation.” And added: “Dear young people, please go to the cemeteries, this nation how to get independence Find out what you’ve won.” Then Kılıçdaroğlu addressed the young people. “In the coming months, all kinds of We will be subject to provocation” made a statement. SP Chairman Karamollaoğlu on his way to the elections “to the congregation attacks can happen voiced his opinion. In the context of social media, the latest MHP Chairman Bahçeli “provocation” made a warning. On the 100th anniversary of August 30, these warnings from the political establishment point to provocations that may come from both inside and outside. It is clear that foreign actors are also observing Turkey’s critical 2023 elections. We must hold these elections in an environment that prevents outside interference. This is the honorable attitude to welcome the second century of our republic. Let’s consider the warnings of provocation as a reflection of this political consciousness and will. Let’s not destroy the common ground with boycott calls, harsh language marginalization or positive polarization.