Surprise offer in Sapanca… Famous name is getting married!


Actor Tuan Tunalı proposed to his Italian girlfriend, model Angela Caccamo, with whom he had been in love for a while. Tunalı announced that his girlfriend answered him “yes forever”.

Tuan Tunalı sat on the wedding table with his colleague Hazal Filiz Küçükköse in 2014 and divorced in 2018 with contention.

Tunalı, who caught the fame with the ‘Starfish’ series, started a new relationship with Russian model Yana Mazanova after the eventful divorce. The duo, who was expected to sit at the wedding table, decided to part ways in August 2021.

For a while Angela Caccamo The handsome actor, who was in love with her, decided to marry the Italian model.


Tuan TunaliHe knelt down in front of his lover in Sapanca and proposed marriage. Sharing the photo of special moments with his followers, Tunalı announced that he had answered “Yes forever” to the offer of his lover.

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married


Some put the solitaire ring in a paper bag, some poured roses on their way, some said what was in their heart on the glacier. Some of these marriages have already ended, but these proposals have never been erased from memory.

Sema Simsek – Burak Hakki

The first encounters of Sema Şimşek and Burak Hakkı took place at an opening ceremony, which they attended due to their profession. Then they didn’t see each other for a year. Until the Best Model contest. During the 10-day camp, the couple greeted many times in the morning and evening. But they never spoke.

They were both selected as Best Model, but even that didn’t make them close. After the competition, a friendship started between Hakkı and Şimşek, who met from fashion show to fashion show. In Moscow, where they went for a fashion show in 1998, there was a heat between them.

Sema Şimşek, in an interview, explained how the marriage proposal came about: “One day, we are going to the cinema in the car. She made a sudden stop, turned to me and said, ‘I want to marry you.’ The happy couple’s baby named Rüzgar cheered up their home.

However, this exemplary couple also ended their marriage.

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

Emre Altug – Cagla Sikel

Singer Emre Altuğ’s marriage proposal to model Çağla Şıkel is similar to one that can only be found in movies.

Famous singer Altuğ proposed to Şıkel when they went to visit his father’s grave.

The famous model, who received a marriage proposal at the graveside on April 23, her father’s birthday, could not hold back her tears and said “yes” to the proposal without thinking much.

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

The famous name announced years later… He proposed 7 times!

magazine The marriage of Fettah Can and Cansu Kurtçu, one of the exemplary couples of the world, was not as easy as it seems…

Cansu Kurtcu, announced that he received 7 marriage proposals from Fettah Can: “Thanks to Fettah, he proposed to me 7 times. On the seventh, I said let’s get married now.”

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

Demet Akalin – Okan Kurt

Demet Akalın gave young girls tips on convincing men to marry. He said that he got his life partner, Okan Kurt, on the wedding table in 6 months:

“I took Okan and asked him, ‘Are you planning to marry me?’ I asked. He got up, he mumbled. We broke up that day. He proposed to me the next day.”

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

Sebnem Kısaparmak – Fatih Kısaparmak

Şebnem Kısaparmak talked about how her husband proposed to her in the program ‘Zahide and Yetiş Hayata’, where she was a guest with her husband Fatih Kısaparmak.

Şebnem Kısaparmak said, “It has been two days since we met. Fatih parked his car in a place opposite the Bosphorus and told me, “I have never said I love you to anyone until now. Will you marry me?”

I was confused what to do. Even today I am ashamed of my answer. I answered the marriage proposal simply by saying, “So what should we do?” Fatih is very upset, I apologize to him once again,” he said.

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

Emre Belozoglu – Tugba Belozoglu

Football player Emre Belözoğlu made an extremely surprising and romantic proposal to his wife, whom he addressed as ‘my cousin’. Look how Tuğba Belözoğlu describes that day:

“Those were the years Emre played in England. He called me and told me he was going to Germany due to his injury. By the way, I’m in Turkey. Emre was speaking German to someone, probably in terms of being convincing after his flight. Just then, the bell rang.

When I opened the door, it was Emre’s cousin, Volkan. He said that Volkan Emre sent him a gift from abroad and came to deliver it to me. Then Emre’s cousin came out and this time my cell phone rang. This time, Volkan asked me to go down to get them and that he forgot a few gifts in the car.

While I was slowly descending the stairs of the apartment, I saw roses pouring from the front of the apartment door to the exit door of the apartment. Emre came to my mind all of a sudden, but I don’t think so. Anyway, when I opened the door of the apartment, I saw Emre with a “lamb” with a ring around his neck.”

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

Sedef Avci – Kivanc Townli

Sedef Avcı, one of the beautiful stars of TV, did not receive a marriage proposal from her husband Kıvanç Kasabalı.

Since they had a long-term relationship, everything developed spontaneously.

Town and Avcı, on the one hand, continue their successful careers. On the one hand, their happy marriage. The couple also has a son named Can.

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

Mehmet Aslantuğ – Arzum Onan

Mehmet Aslantuğ and Arzum Onan also told their marriage proposal stories in Beyaz Show, where they participated as guests. Onan and Aslantuğ described the offer that surprised the audience as follows.

Arzum Onan said, “I did not understand that Mehmet proposed to me. It was over, he looked at me” and underlined the disagreement between them and continued as follows: “We had a picnic, I had prepared a basket. On the way back, in the car, Mehmet started to explain. We were almost there now, not words I could understand.” Mehmet Aslantuğ, on the other hand, said that he thought at that moment, “I stopped, I guess I couldn’t explain my problem to the girl”.

Arzum Onan, on the other hand, stated the reason why she did not understand: “It was not like a question, the problem is there”. Mehmet Aslantuğ, on the other hand, emphasized how polite his marriage proposal was, by saying, “Will you marry me, what a mule-box sentence”.

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

Yilmaz Erdogan – Belcim Bilgin

Belçim Bilgin, who said that she fell in love with Yılmaz Erdoğan even when she was friends, describes her marriage proposal as follows:

“While we were chatting about acting, she suddenly said, ‘I’m going to marry you,’ and laughed. I admired him back then, but I thought, ‘How weird are these celebrities? When time passed and he proposed, ‘Didn’t I tell you?’ said.

He hasn’t forgotten that moment. ‘Are you ready to take goodness and beauty with me wherever our hands reach? Will you marry me?’ asked. And he got an enthusiastic ‘Yes’ response.

The couple, who got married in 2006, divorced in a single session in 2018.

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married

Okan Buruk – Nihan Buruk

Former model Nihan Akkuş, who left modeling after her marriage, received a marriage proposal from her husband, football player Okan Buruk, on the sea.

Buruk made her marriage proposal on the sea while she was on vacation with her boat, which she named ‘Nihan’.

Both the boat surprise and the marriage proposal made Akkuş very happy.

Surprise offer in Sapanca... Famous name is getting married