Support for Erdogan Model from Elon Musk

I always say that in order to better understand and even hear about Turkey’s transformation in the last 20 years, it is necessary to go abroad or listen to it from people living abroad.
I have been almost from one end of the world to the other for the last few days to follow President Erdogan’s Shanghai Summit and UN meetings. In New York, where I came after Uzbekistan, I tried to be in civil life rather than official contacts.

Let me say this; in the east the perception of Turkey in the West and Turkey in the new world order how proud we are of your strength little. Do not look at you opposition parties will not prosper to their spokesmen or what the opponents say. Minister Erdogan’s unwavering friendship or cyclical cooperation instead of hostilities. and balance policy, when necessary adding to the hard power on the field Turkey’s interests, security of the new foreign policy strategy how we reap the fruits, every time We observe some field.

3 billion of the world’s population more and the world total more than a third of GDP addressing the Shanghai organization another part of the geography also President at the UN pointing Erdogan and Turkey are a real shines like a star. to the photos too to those who reject this reflected image inside do not look at you; they are also results they see this fact.
I would like to share a topic that is spoken in very critical places in New York, the heart of the world’s economy. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had a message shared on his own social media account on September 10: “Inflation coupled with rate hikes bankruptcy is inevitable will make it. In economic outlook recovery and inflation interest rates for the long-term struggle decrease rather than increase must. countries experience this will learn but great losses will happen.”
Musk wrote this message as a warning before the Fed’s September rate decision meeting will take place on September 20-21. These words of Musk, who warned that the FED’s major interest rate hike could create deflation, had a great impact in the USA. It is not known how much it will be answered by the FED, but it is in NY, the economic center of the world, which has been interpreted as supporting the low interest economic model implemented by President Erdogan.
Another criticism of the FED, which frequently increases interest rates at a time when the whole world is facing a food and energy crisis, came from Nobel Prize-winning economist Columbia University Professor Stiglitz. raising interest rates does not solve supply-side problems, to invest more While these investments made the situation more difficult and Stiglitz, who said it worsened along with Musk’s interest rate statements reflection in NY It is very difficult to extend to Turkey. I found it interesting and share it with you I wanted.


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