Sudden drop in Borsa Istanbul, circuit breaker applied By

© Reuters. – Continuing to break the record, it was exposed to a short-lived but rapid sell-off today. The index, which started the day with a record and was priced at a premium of 2.7% in the first trading hour, erased all its gains after President Erdoğan’s statements and turned negative by more than 1%.

President Erdogan

Speaking at the press conference before his Balkan trip, the President gave a stern response to the harassment fire of Greece against Turkish jets. Erdogan, If Greece doesn’t tidy itself up, we can come suddenly one night.said.

Erdogan also criticized Europe

The President interpreted that Europe’s natural gas problem in return for the sanctions imposed on Russia is to reap what it has sown. He stated that Turkey does not have a natural gas problem, but that Europe will have a troubled winter.

Circuit breakers applied in the stock market

While Erdogan’s statements showed that the tension in Greece-Turkey relations was extremely high, his statements about cross-border operations caused sales. Circuit breakers were applied to nearly 100 shares. After the first reaction, the index switches to the positive side again, and the transactions continue in the stocks.

Author: Necdet Erginsoy

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