STRIKE! March in support of health workers’ strike held in England

A march was organized to support the strikes launched by healthcare professionals demanding reasonable wage increases in the face of rising inflation and high cost of living in England.

Large numbers of demonstrators gathered outside University College London Hospital to support the healthcare workers’ strike, holding banners reading “Fair pay increase for nurses”, “Healthcare workers need a salary increase” and “Applause doesn’t pay the bills”.

In addition to nurses, representatives of non-governmental organizations and union leaders representing health workers joined the march and called for the government to improve salaries.

Working as a nurse at University College London Hospital, Brad Romain, in his speech here, stated that doctors, nurses and other health workers have a leading role in community service, and stated that they work very hard during the Kovid-19 epidemic.

“We’re sick, we’re tired, we’re exhausted. We need more support in our (National Health) System, and that’s why we’re here today. We’re not here today because we’re greedy for the millionaire salary. We’re here to say we need to live comfortably, and that’s to pay our bills, our families and our families,” Romain said. it means finding food for us. That’s all.” used his statements.


Priya, a nurse at University College London Hospital, used the following statements:

“We are going on strike today because it is important that the government hear what we are saying. We have been saying it for a very long time. The latest estimate in September is that there is a shortage of around 47,000 staff in the nursing profession. People are not in demand because we are underpaid and poorly known. (British Prime Minister) Rishi “Unfortunately, Sunak thinks that we are waiting for a photo opportunity and not something to be taken seriously. Today we are here to say that we are a workforce that needs to be taken seriously, to support the strike.”

The demonstrators then marched towards the Prime Minister’s Residence Number 10.


Tens of thousands of nurses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland launched a one-day strike for the second time today.

Tens of thousands of nurses, who went on strike for a day on December 15 to demand a fair salary increase in the face of inflation, which exceeded 10 percent on an annual basis, started a one-day strike for the second time after the government failed to reach a consensus.

The RCN (Royal College of Nursing) union, which has more than 300,000 members nationwide and represents nurses, is demanding a 19 percent salary increase, while the government argues that the demand cannot be met.

The union said nurses will go on strike again next month unless the government changes its approach.

On the other hand, nearly 10 thousand ambulance workers in England and Wales are preparing to go on strike tomorrow and on 28 December.


While the cost of living was felt in many sectors due to the recession concerns and rising inflation caused by the devastating economic effects of the Russia-Ukraine War, railway workers decided to strike this month because the wages could not be agreed upon.

While Royal Postal Service employees have been on strike for 8 separate days since August, they announced 10 more strike dates before Christmas.

Thousands of people working at some 150 universities across the country went on strike.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that they can react harshly to the widespread strikes of trade unions and public employees and that they are working on “strict laws”.

Photo: AA