Strawberry jam betrayed forbidden love

Although he carefully arranges his life, his schedule, in short, everything because he cheated on you, one day, a little carelessness will reveal this forbidden love. Just like Gerard Pique, the star of the football fields. Although she kept it secret that she cheated on Shakira with her 23-year-old boyfriend, Clara Chia, at first, Pique was caught unexpectedly. What reveals his forbidden love is a jar of strawberry jam that he forgot in the refrigerator. Let’s take a look at this case.

According to a claim recently made in the press, Gerard Pique attended an online meeting while Shakira was away from Barcelona with her two sons. While he was speaking in front of the camera, there was a young woman behind him who occasionally entered the frame. In this conversation on social media, the other participants quickly realized that she was not Shakira, and thus the deception was exposed. But according to another new claim, it was a eaten jar of strawberry jam that Shakira found in the fridge that betrayed Gerard Pique.

Forbidden love betrayed the jam jar in the cupboard

JAM JAR REVEALED FORBIDDEN LOVE: When Shakira saw the strawberry jam jar in the refrigerator, she knew something was wrong.

Shakira, who was allegedly out of town, returned home. The beautiful singer who opened the refrigerator saw the strawberry jam jar and she realized that something was wrong in the house. Surely someone else had come to the house, because Gerard Pique never ate strawberry jam. Following this clue, Shakira finally faced the bitter truth.

Shakira herself admitted that this deception was a devastating blow for her. But the fact that he followed the traces in the house, namely that Gerard Pique had taken another woman to the house they lived with, was the real blow to him. Pique’s forbidden love is no longer hidden, after an online meeting and then a jam jar. Let’s remember those events…

Forbidden love betrayed the jam jar in the cupboard

WHO IS THAT YOUNG WOMAN: The young woman reflected on the screen during the video call was immediately noticed.

Gerard Piquet, 35, attended an online meeting with his girlfriend Shakira and their child Sacha in 2021 while Milan was out of town. As he turned towards the camera of his computer, something going on in the background caught the attention of those present. Behind Piquet, a young woman appeared in and out of the scene from time to time. The funny thing is, that woman wasn’t Shakira! Because it was known that Shakira was out of Barcelona with her two sons at the time. So who was the young woman who was with Gerard Pique during that interview?

In 2022, it was revealed that the football star cheated on Shakira, whom he had been with for 12 years, with a young woman, who that woman was. That’s when it became clear who the woman in Gerard Pique’s house was during the video call in 2021: He betrayed Shakira. Clara Chia Seagull! So to summarize, Piquet had been cheating on Shakira for a long time. He even took his girlfriend to the house where they lived with Shakira while he was away from home. On the other hand, he was even making statements that his relations with Shakira were going well at that time and that everything was fine. But the reality was very different.

Forbidden love betrayed the jam jar in the cupboard

‘OURS IS NOT A NORMAL SEPARATION’: Maybe these words of Shakira were a clue.

According to a source speaking to Page Six, Shakira was of course aware of that detail that her followers noticed in that meeting in 2021. Already at that time, the image of “a piece that fell from her face”, which she exhibited at the events she attended with her lover Pique, was also engraved in the memories. It would not be wrong to say that Shakira had a really difficult time because of all this. The famous singer also expressed his feelings on this issue in an interview he gave to Elle magazine last September.

Skahira, her boyfriend of 11 years, told the magazine. Gerard Pique Although he didn’t give much details about his breakup with her, he said, “It’s hard to talk about it. Especially right now, while we’re still dealing with what’s going on.” Shakira reminded that she is a human being in front of the society and continued her words, “Our separation is not such a normal separation.” It was this part of her statement that most likely led to comments that she knew, but perhaps didn’t want to reveal, that Pique had brought her young lover to her home while she was away.

Forbidden love betrayed the jam jar in the cupboard

‘EVEN OUR WOUNDS ARE OPEN, TIME IS LIKE A SURGER’S HAND’: Shakira’s first goal is to protect her two sons from all this mess.

Shakira added that it is already difficult to keep the spotlight on her private life, but in such situations, things get even more difficult for both herself and her family. Emphasizing that her children are the most important thing for her during her life, Shakira stated that she tries to hide this situation from her children. She said, “I try to protect them because that’s my number one duty in life.” Shakira also explained that although she tries to protect her children from negative discourse, she can sometimes hear unpleasant things from her friends and sometimes about what is happening on the Internet. She also underlined that her children will be affected by all these.

Although it has been a while, it must not be easy for Shakira to accept this separation and this betrayal. The famous singer did not hide that she has not overcome this situation yet in the message she shared on social media to celebrate the year 2023: “In this new year, although our wounds are still open, time is like a surgeon’s hand. Even though someone betrays us, we have to continue to trust others. “

COMMON STATEMENT: Shakira and Gerard Pique announced that they have ended their 12-year relationship in a joint statement they published last June. The couple wanted respect for their private lives for the happiness of their children.

Forbidden love betrayed the jam jar in the cupboard

2010 WORLD CUP THEY MEET DURING: The famous couple met and fell in love during the 2010 World Cup.

To take a brief look at the love between Shakira and Gerard Peque… The couple met in South Africa during the preparations for the 2010 World Cup. 45-year-old Colombian Shakira Mebarak and 35-year-old football player, whose full name is Gerard Piqué Bernabéu, maintained a happy relationship for 12 years despite the age difference between them.

Although Shakira and Peque never married, for many years, they were considered as one of the happy and harmonious couples of the celebrity world. In an interview, Pique stated that Shakira was the one who did not want to get married and said that they were happy with their situation. Shakira, on the other hand, stated in an interview that she “prefers to hold her lover carefully like a forbidden fruit” instead of marriage. Both stated that they lead a happy and harmonious life with their two children, and in this case, there was no need for them to get married.

WORKS IN PIQUE’S COMPANY: Pique’s cheating on Shakira was cited as the reason for the lovers’ separation. Shortly after the breakup announcement, Pique was photographed candidly with a young woman named Clara Chia. In the meantime, it is stated that Pique started to be together with her lover Chia before the separation statement. By the way, let us remind you that Chia works in the public relations department of Gerard Pique’s company Kosmos.

Forbidden love betrayed the jam jar in the cupboard

SONG REVENGE: Shakira took revenge on her cheating boyfriend with a song.

Meanwhile, Shakira took revenge on Pique, even though she was devastated. Shakira, 45, sang a song and shot down her cheating boyfriend.

ShakiraCollaborating with Argentine DJ Bizarrap, she tells Pique, “I won’t come back to you, don’t cry for me or beg me/ I realize it’s not my fault they criticize you/ I’m just making music, sorry if it bothers you/ You think you hurt me but you made me stronger/ “Women don’t cry anymore, they turn it into profit,” she calls out. Not content with that, the beautiful star calls out, “I’m worth two 22-year-old girls, You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo.” Shakira’s ‘Music Sessions #53’ is all that’s left. It reached more than 63 million people in its first day on YouTube.