Stock trader earns twice as much

The first nine months of the year have been completed. In the past nine months, the BIST 100 Index rose from 1,858 to 3,180. The rate of increase was 71.18 percent. In the same period, the dollar rate rose by 38 percent and gram gold by 29 percent. The deposit rate is around 12%. During this period, those who included stocks in their investments increased their returns.

Stock trader earns twice as much

EARNINGS OF 100 PERCENT ON THE EXCHANGE 30: The companies included in the BIST 30 Index, which includes the companies with the highest market value, yielded more than 100 percent returns. Hektas rose 291.06%. Turkish Airlines was valued by 252.65%. Pegasus made a premium of 180.40 percent. Sasa Polyester increased by 158.09 percent and Sabancı Holding by 103.56 percent. Banking stocks, which had been fluctuating horizontally for many years, also experienced high outflows. İşbank (C) rose by 140.84 percent. Yapı ve Kredi Bankası made a premium of 114.06 percent.

SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENTS: The decline in the price of an ounce of gold to $ 1,660 in a nine-month period, the Dollar Index (DXY) climbing to 114, the fluctuations in the British Pound, the central banks increasing interest rates on a global basis, while the CBRT pulled the interest rate up to 12, remarkable developments it happened. On the other hand, one of the most important developments in terms of the stock market has been the successive ceilings in bank shares, especially since July. With the sharp exits observed, returns of over 100 percent occurred in the sector’s shares. However, with the hard sales that came right after, while serial floors were experienced, the shares approached the points where they started to climb.

THIRD QUARTER EXPECTATIONS: Third quarter balance sheets will be released during October. With the emergence of nine-month performances, it should not be surprising that stock and sector-based movements are experienced. It can be expected that selective share movements will come to the fore in the transportation, energy and food sectors. On the other hand, it will be observed that the balance sheet activities of companies with increased profitability will strengthen. It is also worth remembering that the horizontal trend has not yet been exited on the basis of the index.

Stock trader earns twice as much

COMPANIES WITH MARKET VALUE: Market cap shows the total value of a company in the market. Market value is often used to determine the size of a company, to compare the company’s financial performance with other companies of various sizes. Especially when investing, institutional investors prefer companies with a larger market value. The fact that these companies generally have a long work history and being a well-established company causes them to be seen as safe investments.

High market value; It is a strong brand and awareness. It is the most used criterion in purchasing. As of September 30, 504 companies are traded on the stock exchange. The total market value of the companies in the stock market is around 194 billion dollars. The market capitalization of companies listed on the stock market had risen to $326 billion in May 2013. This level could not be tested again in the elapsed time period. The market capitalization of the companies last increased to $249 billion in January 2021.

As of September 30, 2022, the market value of BIST 100 companies is 137 billion dollars. 166 billion dollars of companies included in the BIST 50 Index; The market value of companies included in the BIST 30 Index is at the level of 90 billion dollars. When analyzed on a sectoral basis, it is observed that the market value of the companies included in the BIST Industry Index is 74 billion dollars, and the market value of the companies included in the BIST Financial Index is 56.2 billion dollars.

There are no companies in Borsa Istanbul with a market value of 10 billion dollars. Reaching the highest market value with its steadily increasing price, Sasa has a market value of 8.3 billion dollars according to the last closing. Sasa’s market value is worth two Tüpraş. According to the last closing, the market value of Tüpraş is 4.3 billion dollars.

Stock trader earns twice as much


There are six companies with a market capitalization of over $5 billion. The market capitalization of the six companies is as follows:

one – Sasa Polyester: 8.3 billion dollars

2 – Koç Holding: $6.2 billion

3 – Ford Otosan: $6.2 billion

4 – Enka İnşaat: 5.5 billion dollars

5 – Eregli Iron and Steel: 5.5 billion dollars

6 – Turkish Airlines: $5.3 billion