Step back from Instagram: Reactive feature is changing

The new homepage feed is among the features that Instagram users complain about the most. According to the leaked information, Instagram has started to try a new streaming algorithm that users will be pleased with.

Some social media platforms, especially Instagram and Twitter, offer users limited intervention for the content they see on the homepage. Instagram reported that the page, which is described as a timeline, will become customizable.

Page flow can be customized

Kyli Jenner and his brother Kim KardashianRecently, he sent a message to Instagram, demanding that the application return to its essence, expressing his criticisms that it resembles TikTok.

Instagram has stepped up its work as many celebrities have mentioned similar issues. Analysts state that Instagram is working on a TikTok-like streaming algorithm.

‘I’m not interested’ reaction increases in discovery

Featured on ShiftDelete to the news According to the company, users can post multiple posts on their explore page. “I am not interested” announced that it can be marked as In this way, users will be able to shape their discover content in a short time according to their wishes.

Another important step in organizing Instagram’s homepage and discover pages is the filtering feature. The feature, which allows users to hide specific words, phrases, emojis, titles and tags, and suggested content they add to a list in their account, has begun testing.

The new tab, called Favorites, will help you list the content you like. In addition, Instagram will allow you to see the posts of the users you follow in chronological order. It is estimated that the chronological post listing feature will work similarly to Instagram’s old algorithm.

The social media platform also has a feature to postpone suggested posts and allows users to take a 30-day break from unwanted content. It is estimated that the new features will be available to all users soon.

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