Stefan Kuntz: We were punched in the face, we were not knocked out


A National Team Technical Director Stefan Kuntz“As I said after the match, this is the score we got, if we compare it to a boxing match, we were punched in the face, we did not get knocked out. We analyzed our players once again. We said that we were not perfect in 3 points. At this point, I want to close the Luxembourg match and focus on the next match,” he said. .

Stating that new faces were included in the team after the injuries experienced, Stefan Kuntz said, “Here, the Coach of Faroe Islands Coach has been informed about the developments about our team. He knows the injury problem we have experienced with our defense players, he saw it. He definitely made his evaluation about it. We’ll see if it happens. We have new players among us. Cenk came, he was with us before. Ravil is new to us. Ümit National teamHe knows how we play because he played in . I trust my players. When we compare it with the games in June, almost all of the injured people are close to 11. But I don’t think it will affect us. We want to reach our goal by playing a good game tomorrow and get a good win. I would like to do the general evaluation after the game tomorrow. It would be more accurate to make an assessment by taking this match into account,” he said.

“We were punched in the face, we didn’t get knocked out”

Kuntz said that they were not perfect in 3 points and that they conveyed this to the team in the meetings, “It is interesting, of course, you go back a few days. If you go back further, you will see more positive things. You preferred to go to the day with a different score. We make instant decisions. We think we gave the best. We look in the mirror. Me and my friends in the technical team are also. We say better is not possible. As I said after the match, if we are to compare this score to a boxing match, we were punched in the face, we did not get knocked out. We made an analysis with our players once again. “We said that we were not perfect at this point. At this point, I want to close the Luxembourg match and focus on the next match,” he said.


Expressing that they will leave the field with a good score tomorrow, the German coach said, “Of course you will ask questions about the Luxembourg match. I am open to criticism anyway. I joked there. Let’s explain the conditions in the match. Ozan stated that he could not play a few hours before the match. Merih is unable to play the day before the match. Çağlar was injured in the first 15 minutes. The people we are talking about are the top defenders of Europe. When this happened, we had to pull Tolga into an area where he was not used to playing. It’s about Orkun’s abs, Enes’ hamstring, Cengiz’ ‘s second yellow card and penalty. Thus, 6 players were disabled. Together with our previous injuries 11. This is not an easy thing. I used the expression “I am glad that there was a draw under these conditions. When we do our analysis here, I am sure of my players. I am at a positive point.” “I think we’ll get a good score tomorrow, I’m looking forward to the game,” he said.

“Of course my goal is to win”

Saying that their goal is to win, Kuntz said, “Of course we respect the opponent. However, we want to win here. The Faroe Islands will definitely want to do something and score against Luxembourg. My goal is of course to win,” he said.


Expressing that they were very upset after the loss of points against Luxembourg, İrfan Can Kahveci said, “We were very upset after the match. Actually, we go out to win every match with the same concentration. After the match, our teacher showed our mistakes in the analysis meeting, we saw it and we learned a lesson. I hope we want to come back by winning in our last match. ‘ he said.


Upon a question that the match will be played on synthetic turf tomorrow, İrfan Can Kahveci said, “We have played on synthetic fields before. I don’t think it will affect us much. There is only a little pain after the match. We are ready for all kinds of conditions and factors. Hopefully, tomorrow will come out the end.” “We will finish our game well,” he said.