Statement from the police in the USA on the Monterey Park attack

Sheriff Robert Luna shared the latest information obtained in the investigation launched into the gun attack in the Monterey Park district of Los Angeles, California. Emphasizing that the detectives in the homicide bureau continue their investigations, Luna said, “Our investigators did not detect a connection between the suspect and any of the victims. The suspect was not married or had an affair,” he said.

USA media claimed that the suspect organized the armed attack because of the problem he had with his wife. Sheriff Luna stated that such news is ‘rumor’ for now, but there is a possibility that any information obtained within the scope of the investigation may change.


Sheriff Luna announced that within the scope of the investigation, three guns were seized, one at the scene, one in the truck that the suspect committed suicide, and the other in the suspect’s house. Luna also stated that there was a motorcycle parked behind a street where the attack took place, and that this motorcycle was also registered to the suspect’s name. Luna said the suspect parked the motorcycle on the street to use it as an alternative escape route.


On January 21, an armed attack took place in Monterey Park, where 65 percent Asian American and 27 percent Latino citizens. 11 people died in the attack. The suspect, 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, committed suicide in the truck he was in during the special team’s operation.