Statement from Billur Kalkavan on the state of health

Billur Kalkavan (59), who has been struggling with lung cancer for about four months, gave information about his health status. Kalkavan, who said that he felt very good, made a statement on his social media account.


Emphasizing that he is in the recovery process, the famous actor used the following statements:

Hello, now let me tell you for those who are wondering about my health; I’m very good, I’m getting better every day. The results are also good. Nothing to worry about, I’m recovering. Even hair is coming out of my head, but I shave it myself because it is not more beautiful yet. So I’m getting through this issue… So don’t worry about it. Latter; This month’s Billur TV shoot will be delayed a bit. Unfortunately, because I have to stay in the hospital a little longer. Forgive me for that. We will shoot around 3 months, so we will be on the air as soon as possible. I love you so much, I continue to receive your beautiful energies. Every beautiful energy you send heals my cells. Thank you very, very much.


Hamdi Alkan announced the health problem of Billur Kalkavan. The famous director said, “I wish Billur Kalkavan a speedy recovery. Your beautiful heart and energy will overcome this disease, my dear Billur. I am always with you.” He supported his friend with his words.